Pumpkin Party Games for Kids

It’s fall! Who’s planning a pumpkin party? I love this fall, un-scary theme for fall. We have a pumpkin party every year for all our kids. Besides pumpkin garland and cutesy decorations, you need some pumpkin theme games for kids

10 Great Ideas for a Hallelujah Festival

Ideas for Fall Festival at Church

It’s Hallelujah Festival time! Christian schools and churches around the country hold these Halloween alternatives for kids to have a safe, less spooky celebration, with a focus on goodness and God. However, it is easy to get in a rut

Make Fall Festival Planning Easier

Little girl at fall festival.

It’s just around the corner — it’s fall festival time. Or as we call them in some parts of the country, the Hallelujah festival. Having some Halloween alternatives for families is a great idea but waiting to the last minute

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Party Ideas

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” is my favorite Halloween movie and every year, I love using the characters from this show in my ministry. It’s a sweet story about a boy named Linus who mistakenly puts his faith in

Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

Little girl making afraid face

In a recent months, I’ve relied on photo booth backgrounds to help me pull off some fun themes in kids’ ministry. For example, during the “Jesus is My Superhero” crusade, we had a cardboard background painted to look like skyscrapers.

5 Fall Candy Party Activities

Candy is a big part of fall ministry, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but I do love fall festivals and ministering to kids. One thing that will be in abundance for the next few months is fall candy.

6 Cool Halloween Alternatives for Kids Ministry

Halloween isn’t exactly a Christian holiday but during this time of year, we sure do have a great opportunity to minister to children. We can hide out in our bunker (metaphorically, of course) until the spookiness is over or we