Fall Crafts for Sunday School – Autumn Themed Ideas

Download these craft directions below to help you prepare some fun Autumn themed activities for your Sunday School class. Then watch our demonstration video to make sure your are ready to share these Fall crafts for Sunday School kids. Fall Crafts for Kids Sunday School Autumn themed activities for children The leaves are changing, the wind is picking up, and pumpkin patches are in full swing…fall is a great time of year, and it’s a great time

All are Saints for "All Saints"… After Halloween Lesson from Matthew 5:1-12

Whether it is celebrated and recognized or not, Halloween is well-known by most Americans. Yet many (adults as well as kids) are not so familiar with the holiday behind the origin of Halloween: All Saints’ Day! (After all, “Hallow’s Eve” must be the Eve to some Holy Day…). So where did the holiday come from and what is it for? And just what is a Saint, anyway? This lesson will explore saints and how everyone can be

Halloween Object Lessons (Trick or Treat) Romans 6:23

Like yours, my local church provides families with Halloween alternatives like trunk or treat and pumpkin prayer activities in kids church. But there’s always a bunch that likes going door-to-door for trick or treating, hoping to score big on candy and prizes. Even kids that don’t trick or treat understand the concept. Ring doorbell. Demand candy or deliver a trick. Leave with candy. Why not use this Halloween activity as an object lesson? Here’s what I mean…

Pumpkin Party Games for Kids

It’s fall! Who’s planning a pumpkin party? I love this fall, un-scary theme for fall. We have a pumpkin party every year for all our kids. Besides pumpkin garland and cutesy decorations, you need some pumpkin theme games for kids to play. Put on some cheap grillz for authenticity! These fun ideas are perfect for a party or to add as an activity for a kids church service. Pumpkin golf: Carve out a pumpkin and make a

10 Great Ideas for a Hallelujah Festival

It’s Hallelujah Festival time! Christian schools and churches around the country hold these Halloween alternatives for kids to have a safe, less spooky celebration, with a focus on goodness and God. However, it is easy to get in a rut during these festivals. The same games, the same activities and since there are so many, you want yours to stand apart. I love these 10 great ideas for jazzing up a Hallelujah Festival. Maybe a few of

Make Fall Festival Planning Easier

It’s just around the corner — it’s fall festival time. Or as we call them in some parts of the country, the Hallelujah festival. Having some Halloween alternatives for families is a great idea but waiting to the last minute to plan them can put you behind, big time. Don’t stress this year! You can make fall festival planning easier by preparing a few things in advance. Start with a theme. Okay, so basically fall is the

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Party Ideas

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” is my favorite Halloween movie and every year, I love using the characters from this show in my ministry. It’s a sweet story about a boy named Linus who mistakenly puts his faith in a disappointing Great Pumpkin. Unlike the Linus, who delivers his eloquent speech at the Charlie Brown Christmas program, this little guy is thoroughly confused about what or who to put his faith in. What a wonderful way

Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

In a recent months, I’ve relied on photo booth backgrounds to help me pull off some fun themes in kids’ ministry. For example, during the “Jesus is My Superhero” crusade, we had a cardboard background painted to look like skyscrapers. Kids got to stand in the booth wearing their superhero costumes and get a photo taken, for free! This Halloween, (or fall festival) have a photo booth ready for parents and kids. What a great way to

Halloween Bible Verses: 5 Scriptures on Overcoming Fear

Halloween is a great time of year to deal with common issues about fear and spookiness. Even if we didn’t have Jason and Freddy movies, kids would still have to deal with those natural fears that come with growing up. Remember fearing what’s under the bed or in the closet? Add our modern culture’s love for gore and horror and you can multiply those childish fears times a hundred (at least)! Help kids learn how to command

5 Fall Candy Party Activities

Candy is a big part of fall ministry, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but I do love fall festivals and ministering to kids. One thing that will be in abundance for the next few months is fall candy. If you need a few extra activities for your ministry time or plan to throw a fall party for the kids, try some of these five fall candy party activities. Candy corn bingo: It’s cheap candy that

6 Cool Halloween Alternatives for Kids Ministry

Halloween isn’t exactly a Christian holiday but during this time of year, we sure do have a great opportunity to minister to children. We can hide out in our bunker (metaphorically, of course) until the spookiness is over or we can reach into the darkness and pull kids closer to the cross. I know you agree with me, that the latter is better. Still, I’m not hosting a Halloween party but I use Halloween alternatives. Trunk or

Pumpkin Prayer Activity & Object Lesson

The pumpkin prayer is a classic activity for Christian families and Sunday School classes leading up to the Halloween season. Use our printable template and directions to share this object lesson with your kids this October. Prayer Pumpkins Activity Idea Materials needed: pumpkin for carving, carving tools, trash bags, a copy of pumpkin prayer, candle for pumpkin, Bible. Some of you may have heard of or even read the pumpkin prayer before.  It is a fun way

Video "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Go Fish

“Party Like a Preschooler” is some of my favorite kids music. So, I was excited to find the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on YouTube. In a ministry setting, this would be a good illustration when teaching preschoolers about faith overcoming fear. Be sure to check out the Go Fish channel on YouTube. We also have more resources for helping kids overcome fear by trusting in God, like this free Halloween “Fear Not” coloring pages.

"Do Not Be Afraid" Preschooler Lesson about Halloween

Halloween can be a frightening season for small children, with its skeletons, ghosts, witches, monsters, and the like.  Even if a child is not exposed to Halloween celebrations at home, the stores are inundated with gory displays.  It is almost impossible to ignore. But Halloween (I don’t think) should be ignored.  It is the second highest grossing commercial holiday besides Christmas and strongly integrated into American culture.  The Halloween season is a perfect time to talk about

Reverse Evangelism: Reaching Families by Serving First

Are you finalizing your plans for the fall festival, harvest party, trunk or treat, pumpkin carving, or other Halloween related outreach event at your church?  A key component of these type of events is always planning how we will connect with, minister to, evangelize with, and preach the gospel for all those in attendance, especially guests who are not part of our church community.  It’s your big chance to reel them in, right!??! I am going to

Preschool "Fall into Harvest" Teaching Games for Kids

Looking for a way to merge the fall season into your Sunday School lesson, Bible club, Christian classroom, or Awana meeting?  Here are three age-appropriate Bible game ideas for preschoolers.  They are sure to not only engage and entertain the youngest crowd, but also teach them an applicable Biblical truth.  Get ready to get out of your seats, laugh, encourage, learn, and wiggle! Wiggle Those Bones:  This game is a perfect way for preschoolers to burn some

How to Plan a Fall Festival

The temperature is dropping, pumpkins are appearing at grocery stores, and Walgreens flu shot commercials are airing—Fall is here! An event we hold at our church every October is Fall Festival. Planning meetings are starting up and we are beginning to line up the details for this event. Here are a few tips if you are thinking about having a Fall Festival: 1) Picking the Date: Do you want your festival to serve as an alternative for

Jesus Is Not Afraid of Halloween

Some Christians don’t like any mention of Halloween — and they will make sure you know it. I can certainly understand and I’ve heard from some readers have told me they don’t like it when I post Bible lessons that reference that day. Christians love to argue about Halloween. I can’t solve that dispute here on the blog, but I want to challenge both sides to look at these issues with Gospel-focused eyes. What is this holiday really

Fear Not! Halloween Sunday School Lesson

Halloween is a day in our country when both the young and old find fun in death and what is scary.  Many children set out to find the scariest costume to wear for their school parade and trick-or-treating.  With so many visual symbols of death set before our children at this time of year it is fitting to teach them about how children of God have no need to fear death. This lesson walks children through a

“Faith Overcomes Fear” Bible Lesson for Children (Psalm 28:7)

This is a free Bible lesson for children teaching them to recognize their fears and develop trust in God.  It was first prepared for a Children’s Church setting, but would work well as a Sunday School lesson also.  Through a study of multiple verses on fear and faith, students will answer honest questions about the subject.  They will learn that they can trust God through a Bible lesson, a Trust Toss Game, and “The Lord is my Shield” Art Project. Don’t

What about Halloween?

This is a guest post by Reggie Joiner as part of Orange Week. Orange is a strategy of bringing the church (yellow) and families (red) together to reach the next generation. If you’re new to Orange, you should click here to learn more. What About Halloween? Here are a few stats about Halloween: An estimated 47 percent of household consumers decorate for Halloween. Halloween is second only to Christmas in the volume of decorations sold. Over 790 million pounds of

Trunk or Treat: Car Decoration Ideas for Church

Trunk or Treat can be a fun way for churches to serve their community around Halloween. It’s a simple idea – volunteers decorate their cars in the church parking lot and invite the kids to trick or treat in a safe environment. This post shares some simple ideas for car decorations. Christian trunk or treat ideas 7 Awesome Trunk or Treat Decorations (with Biblical Themes) #1 Treasure in Heaven Themed SUV #2 Armor of God Truck Bed

“Do Not Fear” Christian Coloring Pages for Halloween

Use the download button above to get both (girl & boy version) in one printable PDF document. These printable Halloween coloring pages will remind children that God can overcome their fears. We wanted to create new material that featured a biblical rebuke to fear, such as Isaiah 43:5 that would help kids overcome fear. Christian Halloween Coloring Pages Directions: To download these Halloween coloring sheets,  click the image previews to the left. They are available in a print

Kids Fear Factor: How to Help Children Overcome Fear

The spirit of fear plays upon the deepest parts of a child’s being. A child’s natural tendency is to fear the great big world he finds himself in. Children’s workers are familiar with the common but serious fears of children. The most popular are fear of the dark, what is under the bed and anything unfamiliar in his life. This vulnerability makes him a potential candidate for the fear factor. This spirit is a negative motivator that