Pumpkin Party Games for Kids

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Fall Games for Kids

pumpkin game ideas for children

It’s fall! Who’s planning a pumpkin party? I love this fall, un-scary theme for fall. We have a pumpkin party every year for all our kids. Besides pumpkin garland and cutesy decorations, you need some pumpkin theme games for kids to play. Put on some cheap grillz for authenticity! These fun ideas are perfect for a party or to add as an activity for a kids church service.

Pumpkin golf: Carve out a pumpkin and make a medium-sized hole in the front of the pumpkin so the golf ball can slide in. Place the pumpkin at the finish line. Tape a start line a few feet from the pumpkin. Give kids a toy golf club and let them take turns putting the golf ball into the pumpkin.

Pumpkin penny toss: A plastic pumpkin, like the kind you use to collect Halloween candy, works beautiful for this. Place the pumpkin on a floor. Give kids five to ten pennies. They should take turns to see who gets the most pennies in the pumpkin.

Mini pumpkin ring toss: Place three to five mini pumpkins on a table or floor. Give the kids 3 to 5 ring toss rings. They get to try to ring all the pumpkins!

Pass the pumpkin: This game is like “Hot Potato” only it’s played with a mini pumpkin. Have the kids stand in a circle and sing the “Hot Potato/Hot Pumpkin” song. If you don’t want to sing, have a volunteer play music, freezing the song occasionally. Whoever is left holding the pumpkin is out. The last person standing is the winner!

Pin the stem on the pumpkin: You need a large paper pumpkin for the wall. You could probably find one at a party supply store if you like. Cut a green stem out of construction paper. Blindfold each player and give them the stem to stick on the pumpkin. I use tape to keep the stems in place. Spin the players once or twice before you let them pin the stem on the pumpkin.

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