"Old Testament Books of the Bible" Memory Match Game Cards

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"Old Testament Books of the Bible" Memory Match Game Cards
Learning the books of the Bible is an important skill that everyone needs to learn. It is so important for us, as teachers, to teach our students the books of the Bible so that they will be able to use it for the rest of the their lives.

So why not make it fun to learn? Play the Memory Game! Simply print two copies of the Old Testament books of the Bible Memory cards onto cardstock and you are set! Just cut out the cards, pair up the kids, and let them play!
If you don’t know how to play the memory match game, here are the directions:
– turn all of the cards face down onto the table
– each child takes turns choosing 2 cards to turn over
– if they match, that child gets to keep the pair
– if they don’t match, the cards get turned back over
– then it’s the next player’s turn
– the game is over when all of the cards have been chosen
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