7 Ways for Teenagers to Serve Within the Church

Discipling teenagers takes more than youth group lessons and lectures; there comes a time when they need to start putting their faith to action by actively serving God and others. However, it can be tempting to focus youth service efforts on the community before they have an accurate grasp of their role as a Christian servant, so it’s important for … More Children’s Ministry Resources

4 Tips for Transitioning Kids to Youth Ministry

Graduating kids up to the teen ministry of the church is always a bittersweet experience, isn’t it? Actually, moving children along their set spiritual path has been the goal all along, but sometimes the finish line blurs under the weight of crayons, crafts and object lessons. Like parents and pastors, kids often feel a bit unsettled about “moving up.”  Transitioning … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Have You Tried These Student Ministries Ideas?

So often our student ministries are limited to reaching only the kids in our church. While that’s commendable, that’s not the ideal way to reach the whole community. Student ministries should do more than minister to “our” kids, they should build relationships with principals, teachers and students on the fringes. If you have a desire to bolster your church’s efforts … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How to Raise Support for a Mission Trip (Example Support Letter for Youth Groups)

Many good-hearted Christians dream of taking a missions trip. Sending your teenage youth group on a mission trip is a life-changing experience. Whether this is your first one or third you’ll find that you’ll need more than a willing heart–you need good support. To focus on your “mission” without worrying about money, you should gather resources before you grab your … More Children’s Ministry Resources

10 Steps for Starting a Youth Ministry

Youth group ministry start-up is such an exciting time–and totally overwhelming. Even seasoned youth workers may feel nervous about getting things organized in a cohesive manner. Not only should things need to be clear in your own mind but workers and attendees need to know which way your group is headed. You need step-by-step instructions to get your ministry started … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Top Nine Youth Ministry Blogs

In way too many churches around the world, youth ministry and children’s ministry are seen as separated ministries who work independently from one another and seldom if ever interact.  It’s time that changed.Those of us in children’s ministry have much to offer to those in youth ministry, and vice versa.  To that end, I have found that following youth ministry … More Children’s Ministry Resources