Top Nine Youth Ministry Blogs

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Teenage girl with paint on her face during a mission project.
In way too many churches around the world, youth ministry and children’s ministry are seen as separated ministries who work independently from one another and seldom if ever interact.  It’s time that changed.
Those of us in children’s ministry have much to offer to those in youth ministry, and vice versa.  To that end, I have found that following youth ministry blogs is a valuable resource in children’s ministry.  The following, in know particular order, are nine of the best:

Update: Don’t miss our new youth ministry resource website with free Bible Lessons, leadership articles, and fun games for youth groups.

1. The Source for Youth Ministry ( This is the blog of Jonathan McKee and is part of The Source for Youth Ministry.  It includes a articles on current cultural issues, parenting, youth ministry and much more.

2. Chad Swanzy (  Chad Swanzy is the student ministries director at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas.  Chad shares all kinds of useful stuff for youth ministry on this site.

3. Average Youth Ministry (  This blog covers all aspects of youth ministry from useful tools to youth workers and everything in between.

4. Re Youth Pastor (  This is a great blog for youth ministry.  Make sure to check out the theology part of this blog.

5. Youth Leader Stash (  This is another site from Chad Swanzy whose goal is to bring together youth leaders to share the resources and information they have gathered.

6. Small Town Student Ministry  (offline)

7. Youth Specialties (  This blog brings together a team of writers from Youth Specialties.  Youth Specialties works with youth ministries ministries around the globe through training seminars, conventions, resources and on the internet.

8. More Than Dodgeball (  Joshua Griffin is the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.  True to its name, this blog dispels the notion that youth ministry is just about playing dodge ball.

9. Fuller Youth Institute (  This blog from the Fuller Youth Institute deals with all things youth related.

(BONUS) Practical Youth Ministry ( This is a newer site that shows great potential. It tackles many of the common problems you face when first setting up a student ministry in your church.

What youth blogs would you add to the listing? Just leave a comment below with your feedback.

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