Jonah and the Whale Coloring Pages

Jonah and the Big Fish
Click above to download this Jonah coloring page.

Use these sequence coloring sheets to tell the story of Jonah and the Whale. Click here to see more stories like this or browse all our Bible coloring pages. You can also browse all our free Jonah lessons and resources.
We recommend using the whole set as an Bible story activity. The first page can be colored and then cut into four story segments. Finally, the children can attach them to the numbered sheets in order. We suggest using blue colored paper for the numbered sheets for a matted frame effect. The end result is a illustrated storyboard telling the story of Jonah.

For each of these downloads, simply click on the preview images for the print friendly PDF file. We’ve also included the jpeg version if you would like to make your own customized pages.
Many Sunday School teachers will use these Jonah and the Whale coloring pages as a simple lesson illustration or visual aide. We love to hear back about your creative ideas. You can leave us a comment below.

Click above to print this page.

Click above to print this page

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  1. Your site is a true blessing while we prepare to teach Sunday school to our kids and the love of God through His teachings.
    Your resources are amazing and the creative ideas you provide sure help this “old couple” be able to stay current while having a blessed teaching time.
    We love the interaction with the children and their love for God in their lives is amazing to be a part of to flourish.
    Thank you so much!

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