101 Sunday School Games (Fun & Easy) Bible Games for Kids

101 Sunday School Games to make Bible learning fun for Kids
Add some fun to your Sunday School Lesson with these 101 Game ideas for Sunday School.

Bible games are a fun way to boost your children’s ministry or Sunday School lesson. Try these fun Sunday School games in you class this weekend. We’ve put together 101 Bible games for kids ideas that are easy to plan and will give children a fun positive experience while learning God’s Word. Use the links below to download in printable PDF format.

Free Bible Game Ideas for Children’s Ministry and Sunday School.

  1. Books of the Bible
  2. Trivia Questions
  3. Outdoor Options
  4. Classic Children’s Games
  5. Memory Verse Activities
  6. Printables
  7. Preschool Ideas
  8. Youth and Teens
  9. Other Ideas

Some of our favorite Sunday School games

Books of the Bible Games for Children at Church.

8 Activities for Teaching the Bible Books

Learning all 66 book names can be hard, especially for younger kids. It’s still a important activity to build up biblical literacy in the next generation.

That’s why we’ve gathered 8 fun Bible games for kids to play when learning their way around God’s Word. These work well inside, but can be take outdoors if the weather is nice. The combined file above includes our Books of the Bible Flash Cards, New Testament Books of the Bible Bingo and Old Testament Books of the Bible Bingo printables.

Bible Trivia Questions & Answers for Kids

301 Scripture Questions & Answers

We wrote this very long list quiz questions for to play a review quiz whenever you need some extra activity in your class. Trivia time is can turn all themes into fun games These are fun in youth group or children’s church. Questions include the Ten commandments, the life of Jesus Christ, how God made the world, and more. We’ve even heard back grown adult small group studies who have loved this resource. You can download these Bible Trivia games on the Sunday School Store. If that’s not enough write questions from your own Bible stories.

29 Fun Outdoor Ideas from VBS – Vacation Bible School.

Fun activity Ideas borrowed for VBS

Take the fun to another level when you take the kids outside. We’ve put together the ultimate list of recreation ideas for Vacation Bible School (or anytime you need an outdoor activity at church). Use them year round to add some excitement to your children’s ministry. The point is to make sure every person knows that god loves them. For children, play time with an easy game is the best way to build faith into their lives.

9 Classic Group Games and Activities for Children’s Church

Classic Group activities will always love

When you have a mixed age group in kids church, these games are the perfect way to build relationships and fun into your children’s ministry program. It’s all the classics you remember from your childhood – Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Musical Chairs. Bible games are a powerful way to help kids learn. We’ve added some simple updates to add biblical elements. These also make awesome activities for preschoolers in children’s church or Sunday School. When possible, we highlight Bible games you can play indoors.

Use these Bible Memory verse Sunday School games. Kids love fun activities at church and in Christian families.

Add a fun game to any Bible lesson for kids. Use in your Sunday morning children’s church ministry to keep children active and learning.

Fun & Easy Games for scripture memory

Learning God’s Word by heart is essential for spiritual growth, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Try these fun ideas to help kids repeat their Bible verses through play. Make it easy to get the right answer one word at a time and the Holy Spirit will help plant God’s love in their hearts. Kids can erase each Bible word and then recite the Bible verse from memory.

Not sure where to start – check out our 52 Short Bible Verses to Memorize. You can even find an updated collection of Bible verses from Sunday School Works!

Free Printables Worksheets & Games for Kids. Download these activities for preschool and elementary aged children in Sunday School.

A perfect easy print activity to add to your Sunday School Lesson. Children need hands on learning in all your church based ministry programs. These Bible games are a quick way to add fun to any lesson plan.

These options make it easy – just download, print, and you’re ready. We’ve included a variety of worksheets, Bible word finds, Bible verse printables, and simple mazes. You can always browse our latest worksheets. Just be sure to choose which pages you want to print because the document is 59 pages long! Keep this resource ready in your classroom to supplement all your Bible lessons.

Bible Bingo is another fun option to boost your Bible lesson. Check out the printed Bible Bingo for kids from the Sunday School Store. It’s one of our new games and activities you can purchase in hardcopy for your children’s ministry.

Books of the Bible Bingo Game: We have been using the Books of the Bible Bingo Game during Sunday School Class with ages 8-11. The class really likes playing this game and it is helping them become familiar with the titles of the books in the Bible. We will be using this game with Rt. 66 A Road Trip Through the Books of the Bible.

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Adults will be blessed too when the make room in their family schedule for God and learning about Jesus. The best way to reach a child is through their parents.

Biblical Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers at Church

After your share your Bible stories with toddlers, it’s a perfect time to add a learning game.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to get preschoolers and toddlers active in learning the God’s Word. Here are a few of our favorite Sunday School games for younger kids. Different Bible stories are perfect to teach kids with a fun Bible game.

  • 7 Easy Preschool Ice Breakers (Toddlers Too!) — The idea here is to help students get to know one another. This is a foundation for building a strong relational ministry environment. “Simply put, children learn from the people they love. And love is the result of getting to know one another—it’s the result of relationship. Before our kids come to know Jesus, they just might need to know us first.” Written by David Rausch
  • Noah’s Ark for Preschool– Print & Play Animal Match — This animal matching lesson is perfect for your preschool classes with a fun twist. It’s an easy teaching activity for Noah’s Ark or the Creation Story. Preparation : For up to 32 players: download and print 2 copies of the Animal Cards; cut each copy into 16. Animal crackers are always a bonus!
  • 8 Simple VBS Games for Preschoolers — This has all the classics (in case you need a refreshers). 1. Duck, Duck, Goose 2. Limbo 3. Cut the Cake 4. Balloon Relays. 5. Freeze Tag. 6. Red Light, Green Light 7. Simon Says 8. Guess the Picture. These Bible games work in a group or with as little as two teams. Don’t miss the related article Silly Ways to Play Duck Duck Goose . Send a printed version of these Bible games home to the family to help the lessons have even more faith building effect.
  • Jesus Calms the Waves from Children’s Ministry Magazine. See their lion’s den Bible games too.

Game Ideas for Youth & Teens

Student ministry leaders depend on friendly contests to “break the ice” and help build relationships in their youth group. Almost all the ideas listed above can be lots of fun for older students, they love revisiting their childhood favorites. Here are a few options we suggest if you need something special. Look out for more Youth Group games coming soon.

More Bible Game Ideas for Kids.

Christian education should be fun, these activities will boost religious learning and help children make friends while they learn about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you’re not convinced yet, try any of these easy game ideas in your children’s ministry. Kids learn best when they enjoy the teaching. No matter what the Bible verse.

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  3. This is a game we created in VBS to use with a lesson about Christ as our substitute. It can also teach how members of Christ’s body need each other. We played it outside but can be adapted for indoors. The object is for each kid to complete a circuit of actions with several stations. The actions must be selected so that at least one will be impossible for each child and they will need a substitute. They cannot move onto the next station in the circuit unless they (or the substitute) completes the task at the current station. Whenever a child cannot complete an action, they can call a substitute to do it. Our stations included riding a tiny tricycle, tossing a horseshoe twenty feet, hitting a golf ball, spinning a hula hoop around one’s waist a certain number of times, etc. The idea is to have things that only small kids can do, such as putting their hand through a tiny opening to retrieve an object (be sure their hand can easily be released), riding a tiny tricycle, etc…things only strong kids can do (tossing a horseshoe), things only coordinated or limber kids can do (hula hoop, hitting a golf ball), tall kids (touch something high up), small kids (crawl under a low stool), intellectual kids (reading or a mental puzzle). Care must be taken to have at least one task that each participant can excel at. No one must be humiliated. If teaching Christ as substitute, make the point that just as each child needed a substitute at some point to finish the circuit, so we need Christ as our substitute. If teaching the body of Christ, emphasize that each person has a place in the body of Christ and each needs the others for a fully functioning church. To teach the latter, you might position each child at the station they do best and pass a baton around the stations, racing through the sequence two or three times to see how fast and well it can be done when each shares his/her talent for the good of all. Dan Graves, Cascades Fellowship Church, Jackson MI

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