Silly Ways to Play Duck Duck Goose

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Have time to kill at the end of class or looking for an active game to break up a teaching block? Keep it simple and call out this fun, classic game. Of course, you could play the traditional Duck, Duck, Goose game but why not make it more biblical? Try these variations on this fast-paced game.
Duck Duck Goose Call-Out Variations
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: For the call-out, instead of shouting out Duck Duck Goose, have the players call Matthew, Mark, Luke, Matthew, Mark, Luke. The call-out player shouts, “John!” on the head of the person they want to run.
Lion, Lions, Bears: This is the perfect call-out to go with a teaching about young David who slew the lion and the bear. It’s, Lion, Lion, Lion and….Bear!
Sheep, Sheep, Lambs: This is a great call-out for use anytime, especially during a teaching on sheep or our Great Shepherd.
Duck Duck Goose Play Variations
Okay, you know how this game is played, one player taps another and they both run like crazy to get back to the original seat. Of course, only one can be first. Instead of sending kids running around the room, have them:

  1. Bunny hop
  2. Hop on left foot
  3. Hop on right foot
  4. Spin to the left
  5. Spin to the right
  6. Walk like a robot
  7. Run in slow-motion
  8. Take high speed baby steps
  9. Crawl
  10. Walk heel to toe
  11. Walk backwards

Movements can be endless! You could also have the players sit facing outwards instead of facing one another. Have the Goose player make the noise of a goose or whatever animal he’s been called.
If you’re playing this game during free time, why not have a Duck, Duck, Goose championship. Divide the children into small group of six to ten kids and let the winners of the groups compete to find the Duck, Duck, Goose championship.
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