Bible School Games: Drip, Drip, Drop

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This game is a fun variation of duck-duck-goose for Vacation Bible School. All you need a new cleaning sponge and a bucket of water. Watch the video below for instructions and an example of the game.

This Vacation Bible School game would also be popular at children’s birthday parties or school field days. In our example we played with as few as four children. The ideal number would be closer to ten.

  • Have the children sit in a close circle, knee to knee.
  • Onc child will take a turn with the wet sponge.
  • As they walk around the circle, they let the sponge drip on each of the other players and say “drip.”
  • When they are ready to tag another player, they let the sponge drop on that child’s head and say “drop.”
  • Once the sponge has been dropped, they must run around the outside of the circle and return to the tagged player’s former spot. The player who was tagged gives chase and then takes their turn saying drip, drip, drop.
For teaching impact, you could tie in themes of faith about things unseen. The water was something you couldn’t see. This would also be a fun addition to any lesson plan related to water or rain.
Please leave us a comment about this game idea and share any variation ideas you discover.

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