New Testament Books of the Bible Bingo

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New Testament Bible Books Bingo
The kids in my Wednesday night class need work on learning the books of the Bible. They also like to play games. So, I put together this DIY New Testament Books of the Bible Bingo game. It’s DIY because it is completely adaptable to your class (as well as mine). I have made the BIBLE Bingo game board and made a card for each book of the New Testament. All you have to do is print out one for each child in your class, give them scissors and glue, and they can make their very own game board. This way each child’s page is different while you’re playing the game.

If you have only taught your kids only part of the New Testament, you can just hand them the cards of the books that you’ve gone over.
You can even give them a FREE SPACE, if you’d like.
Use it the best way you can for your kids! Enjoy having them practice their books of the New Testament!
You can find many more ideas for teaching the New Testament books on our website.

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