5-Minute Children’s Sermons | Creative Short Bible Object Lesson Messages for Kids

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Do you share the children’s sermon at your church? Our Bible object lessons will make it fun and easy to plan. Choose a message below, gather your props, and then have teach!

Creative Children’s Sermons with Video Example

5-Minute Children’s Sermon for Sunday

See the latest Children’s Sermon Object Lessons from Sunday School Works! for object lessons featuring the Gospel readings from the current Lectionary schedule.

Short Object Lesson Messages from the Bible

  • This free Sunday School lesson plan for Pentecost is designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade students. It focuses on the Holy Spirit as a gift, emphasizing the importance of Pentecost in the history of the Church. The lesson plan includes: The lesson aims to teach children about the Holy Spirit, the significance of Pentecost, and […]
  • Teacher Script Introduction Hello children of God! Today we’re going to play a trading game to learn about an important message from the Bible. Imagine I gave you some things: chia seeds, a weight, a toothbrush, and candy pumpkins. These are all okay things, but maybe you would rather have something different. For example, instead […]
  • Teacher Script Introduction Hello children of God! Today, let’s talk about someone very important. But before we get started, I want to ask you a question: who is the boss? Who is in charge? The answer might depend on where you are. For instance, at home, your parents might be the ones making the rules. […]
  • Teacher Script Introduction Hello children of God! Today is a beautiful day and we’re celebrating a fun season. Do you know what it is? (Fall/Autumn) That’s right! Fall is a time for many fun things like caramel apple spice lattes, colorful leaves, and of course, pumpkins! But there’s something else we see a lot of […]
  • Teacher Script Introduction Hello children of God! Today’s lesson is about trusting God. Do you trust me? Great! Let’s play a game. I’ll blindfold you and you’ll need to listen to my instructions carefully. (Play a blindfold game with a volunteer). Even though you couldn’t see, you trusted me and you got a prize! This […]

Creative Childrens Sermons Object Lessons

This is an article about creative children’s sermons. It discusses how to find free, downloadable Bible object lessons for children’s church. The lessons are based on scripture readings. Many websites offer free downloadable content. Some of the websites include Sermons 4 Kids (.com) and Children’s Ministry Deals. The article also offers tips for presenting the lessons.

You can find many great childrens sermon examples on YouTube. We also love the content from Children’s Ministry Deals. Here is a sample of their object talks for kids.

What’s the Children’s Message for this Sunday?

The internet is a big place and it has some wonderful resources for kids ministry. We recommend the following websites for free Bible object lessons.

  1. Sermons 4 Kids (.com) has thousands (?!?) of excellent messages. They have been around since 2001 and is easily the best collection of children’s sermons on the internet.
  2. Dollar Store Children’s Sermons offers a short object lesson on video for all the weekly Lectionary readings.
  3. A to Z Object lessons on Creative Bible Study (.com)
  4. 160 messages free on Children’s Sermons (.com)

What is a children’s sermon object lesson?

The children’s sermon is a brief lesson for kids during the adult church worship service. These typically feature an object lesson to illustrate a Bible theme or passage.Often, the presenter will ask open-ended questions while the congregation enjoys their frequently humors responses. In many churches, the children are invited to gather at the front of the sanctuary and then dismissed to age-specific classes. The even is sometimes called a children’s message or ministry moment.

A children’s sermon object lesson is a way to teach a Bible story or spiritual concept in a way that’s fun, interactive, and memorable for kids. Here’s how it works:

1. The Object:

  • Simple and Familiar: Choose an ordinary object that children will recognize (a ball, a glass of water, a flashlight, etc.).
  • Relatable to the Message: The object should have qualities or symbolism that connect to the message you want to teach.

2. The Story:

  • Biblical Foundation: Select a Bible story or a specific Biblical principle.
  • Engage the Object: Demonstrate how the object represents an idea from the story or illustrates the principle you’re explaining.

3. The Lesson:

  • Clear and Concise: Explain the connection between the object and the Bible message in a way that children can understand.
  • Make it Personal: Help children apply the lesson to their own lives in practical ways.

Here’s a simple example:

  • Object: A mirror
  • Bible Story/Principle: We are to reflect God’s love to others. (James 1:22-25)
  • Demonstration: Hold up the mirror and talk about how it reflects what’s in front of it. Ask the children what we should be reflecting if we are God’s children.
  • Lesson: Explain that just as a mirror reflects light, we are to reflect God’s love, kindness, and goodness outwards to others.

Why object lessons are great for kids:

  • Hands-on: Kids learn by doing, and object lessons make the message tangible.
  • Visual: It creates an image to associate with the concept, helping it stick in their memory.
  • Engaging: Kids are naturally curious; using an ordinary object in a surprising way sparks their interest.

Let me know if you’d like more examples of object lessons!

Giving the “children’s sermon” with props can be intimidating, even for experienced pastors or Sunday School teachers. But finding good faith based object talks for kids has never been easier. Here are a few places to find the right Bible lesson for your next ministry moment. Our website has a growing collection of sermons for kids.

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