Matthew 9:9-13; 18-26 Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on the Miracles of Jesus

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Here is the transcript for the video titled “Children’s Sermon Lesson Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26 The Most Important Healing”:

“Hello children of God, do you know who I am now? You might think I’m just Miss Kristen, but today I am actually Dr. Kristen here to help all your medical needs and ailments. That’s right, I’ve got my trusty handy dandy first aid kit here and I can solve anything you might physically need. All my wonderful supplies, I am ready to go. So go ahead, give me your best shot. What kinds of things do you think you might need healed from or fixed if you were to get hurt? Oh, what’s that you say, you have a cut? I got a solution for you there. How about a nice sticker? That’s bound to help, right?

Hmm, well alright, I’ll take another one. Let’s see, oh a bug bite. Yes, I’ve got just the thing for bug bites. Slather on some peanut butter, that will always do the trick, solve the itch right away. Oh, a stomachache you say? No problem, have some candy. A headache? Slap a Band-Aid on there, how about that?

Now, you’re probably thinking that these are not really the solutions to those problems and you’re probably right. In fact, that wouldn’t be what you expected to hear at all. If you had a cut, well then you’d want a Band-Aid. If you have an itch or burn, you might want some kind of cream or some medicine for a headache, right? I mean, you wouldn’t not propose any of those solutions at all. You wouldn’t expect me to tell you that and you’d probably think I’m silly if I did and you’d probably be right.

But there are some times we get unexpected answers to problems or questions that we might have. Sometimes we might get unexpected answers to prayers that we might offer God. Or maybe there are things that we think we want or need and he does things in ways that we wouldn’t quite anticipate.

Now, this happens to us all the time and it happened in the Bible too. In fact, for most of his life on Earth, Jesus did things that did not meet up with what people would expect or anticipate him to do. They might have thought he was going to be a great and powerful ruler when he came to be humble and suffering servant. They might have expected him to do things in huge amazing ways when he did things in kind of quiet simple ways sometimes. They might have expected him to heal people with, I don’t know, stitches or Band-Aids, but all it took was a word or a touch.

And sometimes people criticize Jesus for the way that he acts. In fact, in Matthew, it talks about where Jesus was eating and hanging out with sinners. He was partying it up with these people who most polite society would not associate with. And some of the leaders said, ‘He’s eating with sinners and tax collectors, the people that we hate. Why is Jesus doing that?’ And Jesus said, ‘You know, the healthy people don’t need a doctor, the sick people do. I didn’t come for the people who are already good enough. I came to save the lost and to heal the hurting and the sick.’ Well, really that’s all of us. We’re all sinners and we all need Jesus.

Elsewhere in the Bible, we see how Jesus did some pretty amazing miracles that didn’t always take place in the way that people would have expected them. For instance, one woman, sick for many years, she was bleeding and she thought, ‘Well, maybe if I

can get close enough to Jesus, he’ll see me and heal me.’ Well, all it took was touching the edge of his robe. She was healed just like that, right away.

Another time, there was a little girl who got sick and Jesus went to her and when he got there, she was already dead. Well, her parents probably hoped he would have healed her before she died. What could he do now? But when Jesus got there, he said, ‘You know, she’s actually just sleeping. Come on, wake up.’ She got up and she was alive.

Well, none of that’s expected. A lot of times the timing or the methods that Jesus used are not what people expected. They weren’t ready for it, they weren’t anticipating it. But he still healed, he still provided what they needed when they needed it. And he still does that for us.

Sometimes things don’t happen in the timing that we would want or that we would hope for, that we would expect. Sometimes not in the way that we would want or hope or expect. And sometimes we don’t get the physical healing that we want at all. There might be some things that we just have to deal with that never seem to get fixed, which is hard for us to understand. But we know that Jesus always takes care of what we really truly need.

We need forgiveness, we need salvation from the sins that we all do, and that’s what he really came for. He came to heal, he came to seek out, and he came to save. He came to die for us so that we could be free and clean from our sins, from the bad things that we do. And because of that, no matter what else happens or how else it happens, we know that we can rest secure in God. Jesus has given us the greatest thing that we could possibly want or need, regardless of whatever else we might think we want or need.

Jesus heals our souls, it saves us from the inside. So even though he often works in mysterious and unexpected ways, he’s always working, he’s always healing, he’s always providing us with just what we need when we need it. And that’s a wonderful blessing that we can be thankful for and that we can remember. We read the stories of the Bible, we know it applies to us today. He says healed in unexpected ways then, he did unexpected things, and he still does.

So why don’t we give thanks to God for taking care of our needs, even when it’s not how we think it will be. Dear God, thank you for giving us what we need when we need it. Help us to trust in you when you work in ways that we don’t expect. Thank you for loving us. We love you, God, in Jesus’ name, amen.

A lot of life doesn’t happen the way that we would expect, isn’t that right? Good thing we have a savior who always knows what’s best. Hopefully, this helps you to communicate these stories with your students and is a blessing to your ministry, wherever, however, whenever, and with whomever that might be. Join us again, we have new message story and lesson ideas out every week. So go make some disciples, have a wonderful week, see you next time.”

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