Craft Ideas: Jesus Heals Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

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Here is the transcript for the video titled “Craft Ideas: Jesus Heals Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26”:

Hello there, Crafters! Today, we’re looking at the Gospel of Matthew and how Jesus came to seek and save the lost, looking at some of the special miracles that he did for others while he was on Earth, some of which might have seemed strange or even unexpected. But we’re going to do a couple of crafts that celebrate how he came to help the hurting.

Craft 1: Dead to Alive Paper Bag Puppet

The first craft we’re going to do celebrates how Jesus healed a little girl who actually died. Well, she was dead, but when Jesus got there, he said, “I think she’s just sleeping, wake up!” She came back to life. So we’re going to make a “dead to alive” paper bag puppet to help us share this story.

This is pretty simple. We’re going to start out with some features here. We’ll draw some of them and we’ll cut some of them. And of course, as always, feel free to get as elaborate or simple as you like.

On the outside, here is her asleep or really rather dead look. We’re going to draw on some closed eyes and caption this “Jesus brings healing, from death to life, Matthew chapter nine.” On the reverse side, we have her awake face. Now, because she’s alive, she’s smiling. So when we go to tell this story, we can discuss how this girl was dead and all hope seemed lost and her family was very sad. But then when Jesus came, she came back to life and everyone was happy again. So, Jesus takes our sadness and turns it into gladness.

Craft 2: Healing Hearts Display

The second craft we’re going to make is a little decoration involving a paper plate. On one side of the paper plate, we are going to feature our doctor tools here and on the other side, we’re going to have our Jesus feature. This side is going to say “The sick need a doctor…” and now we’ll add on some things that a doctor might use.

On the other side, I’m going to flip this around and we’re going to cut out a heart. We’re going to paste our heart onto the center here and I’m going to highlight the fact that Jesus came not for those already well but for the sick, for the sinners, for the hurting. And guess what, that’s all of us. So, we’re going to say here, “We all need Jesus, the soul doctor, Matthew chapter nine.”

On our heart, we’re going to use our Band-Aids again and we’re going to make a little cross pattern with our Band-Aids. And then we’re going to say, “Jesus heals our hearts.” So this is to remind us that yes, we get physically ill and there are things to take care of that, but what we really need is Jesus who saves us from our sin sickness and makes us new again.


A couple of fun crafts to highlight the story passage, the fact that Jesus does heal us and provide what we need, maybe not always in the ways that we would want or that we would expect, but in the ways that he knows we really and truly need. So, feel free to have fun, roll with it, run with it, change it, adapt it, use it for you and your ministry, wherever, however, and with whoever that might be. And join us again because we do have new craft and message ideas every week. Now go, craft disciples, have a wonderful week, we’ll see you next time.

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