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My name is Tony Kummer. I started Ministry-To-Children in 2007 with one simple mission:

Help you tell kids about Jesus.

Tony Kummer, editor of Ministry-To-Children.com

Ministry-To-Children is not a big publisher and we have zero full-time employees.

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Here’s a little about me:

  • I’m a graduate of Boyce Bible College (B.A. 2003) and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.A. in Children Education, 2008).
  • I served as full-time children’s pastor in a smaller church for 10 years before following a call to mission work in Haiti.
  • I’m back in the USA now, in a small town in Indiana. I work two jobs to support my family and keep this ministry 100% free for readers.
  • I’ve written for some of the best Christian publishers, but my passion is helping fellow children’s ministers like you. You can read a 4/2020 interview with me here.
  • I’ve been building websites since 1994. My current projects include the following:
Tony Kummer - Children's Ministry

I know ministry can be lonely and feel like a struggle, but people like us keep serving because we know God loves these children!

I’m only part-time at my church and drive a school bus to support my family (it’s more fun than you’d think!)

I am truly honored by the trust church leaders have placed in our ministry. I love to hear ways to improve this website, so leave a comment on any page or email me directly: Tony@ministry-to-children.com

Why Trust Ministry-To-Children?


All our resources are reviewed for faithfulness to God’s Word,

Expert written

All our writers are experienced ministry leaders

Church tested

All our material was first used in local churches

You don’t have to do ministry alone. We are here to help, encourage, and celebrate what God is doing through your service.

Our website serves big and little churches, from many denominations, all around the world. Our readers include pastors, Sunday School teachers, homeschool parents, and Christian school teachers. We often hear from missionary families too!

In fact, we have a “please copy” policy for all our content. We want churches, bloggers, homeschoolers and everyone else to freely repurpose or share our materials. No need to ask – use it for God’s glory.

It all started a God-sized idea…

Children’s ministry should not be so hard! What if there was a place online to get help? What if that website was completely free? What if the whole thing was just about serving others?

That was the question back in 2007 when Ministry-To-Children quietly made it’s debut. It was just Tony Kummer, working in a small church and sharing what he was learning with others. The posts started adding up and website readers started telling their friends. He recruited more writers. The focus shifted to building a free resource that would solve ministry problems.

With God’s help, this dream kept getting bigger.

Readers from 200 different countries now frequent this website. Every week more people find help for their ministry. We are one small part of how God is working in the lives of millions of children.

Meet Our Writers

We have assembled an amazing team of talented curriculum writers, all of them actively serving God’s kids through their own local churches just like you. We are a grassroots kind of operation, learning as we go and sharing everything God has given.

Bethany Darwin, curriculum writer: Bethany is a full-time homemaker who recently ‘retired’ from children’s ministry after serving for 20 years at 4 different churches including most recently 13 years at the United Christian Church of Dubai. She is a graduate of Samford University where she studied Human Development and Family Studies (BA – 1997) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MA in Christian Education – Children’s Ministry – 2000). She loves to write materials to help children better understand the Gospel and has written for several publications and has several books in the plans in the near future. She also spends at lot of her free time writing a food blog and preparing her home for their first child who will be joining their family through adoption soon.

Mandy Groce, illustrator: Mandy brings a wealth of teaching skill to every Bible illustration. She is a visual artist, full-time mother, and active volunteer in her local church. Beyond her art, she is the author of two children’s books. Her desire is to use her writing to honor God and serve Him well. See more of her paper goods downloads on her website Paper Zinnia.

Kristin Schmidt, curriculum writer: Kristin teaches preschool in Athens, Georgia. When she isn’t teaching or waiting tables at her “tent-making” job, Kristin works with children and youth ministry at her church, leading Sunday School and summer programs. An avid runner, she also coaches middle school track and cross-country. Kristin enjoys baking, reading, playing the flute, and studying random trivia.

Mimi Bullock, curriculum writer: Mimi has served in ministry for over 15 years. She is the author of four books and hundreds of children’s ministry lessons. You’ll find her work full of creativity and passion for kids to know Jesus personally.

More About Ministry-To-Children:

Our goal is to encourage and help you as you serve God’s kids. All website content is 100% free to use offline in your church or Christian ministry. As we have said,

We are not a bookstore. We are not a big publishing company. We are not a paid membership site. We are simply an online resource to help you tell kids about Jesus. If your passion is reaching and teaching kids, then this blog is for you.

Readers are encouraged to reprint and share our content in any way that will serve others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is our “Statement of Faith”?

We want all children to know the love and salvation in Jesus Christ!

Each of our writers hold to a Bible-believing evangelical approach to the Christian Faith. Our team is from all different types of Bible-believing churches. The editorial policy verifies no content is at odds with the Baptist Faith & Message (2000). That said, we greatly respect our brothers & sisters of all Christian denominations. Therefore we avoid the debated points that separate believers – meaning we leave it up to your local churches to share their own views on the ordinances and government of the local church. We believe those matters are beyond the scope of our ministry. When you simply teach the Bible, those hot topics don’t usually come up in kids ministry!

As always, study to show yourself approved! Learn from our material but teach from your own convictions of what God’s Word is saying.