The Story of Peter Lesson

OBJECTIVE: To teach the children that God’s promises can be trusted. MAIN IDEA:  Peter witnessed some special promises coming true. We learn from Peter’s life that God always keeps his promises. TARGET AGES: 9 – 13 Older Elementary. You may need to simplify this lesson when working with younger children. CURRICULUM UNIT: This lesson is part of the Who was … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Paul Lesson

In this last lesson of the series, children will discover how Paul served God according to his belief that God’s promises would come true. Paul was alive during the time of the early church and was used greatly by God to teach others about faithfulness, obedience, and suffering for Christ. This lesson contains a fun craft and word scramble as … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Daniel Lesson

OBJECTIVE: To help the children understand that God told Daniel about some very special promises, and we can trust in God’s promises. MAIN IDEA:  Daniel bravely obeyed God and remained faithful even when facing persecution and death. He was used by God to foretell the future coming of a Savior, Jesus Christ, whose death provided salvation for every person who … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Jeremiah Lesson

It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes God asks us to do challenging things as a part of his plan. In “The Story of Jeremiah for Kids,” children will learn that Jeremiah obeyed God and shared a message of impending judgment (even though the message was not welcome and Jeremiah himself didn’t escape the consequences of … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Elijah Lesson

Elijah lived during a time when it was extremely unpopular to worship and obey God. However, Elijah didn’t let peer pressure keep him from delivering God’s message of truth and he experienced God’s protection and blessings because of his obedience. Furthermore, the impact of Elijah’s obedience was experienced beyond his family and spread throughout the entire nation of Israel. Children … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Job for Lesson

Job was a man of immense personal faith and integrity, but how did his actions help his family? In “The Story of Job for Kids,” children will make the connection that individual obedience to God reaps outward blessings that positively affect their families. Everything we do affects others, and that includes obedience too! TARGET AGES: 9 – 13 Older Elementary. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Solomon Lesson

Being given a special job is very exciting! Children will learn through Solomon’s story that God rewards humility and obedience through unique callings and blessings. However, God does not stop disciplining us just because we have been obedient in the past – our sin has very real consequences. This lesson includes a popsicle stick craft which will remind the children … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of King David Lesson

Sometimes it’s hard to see what God wants to do through our lives in the midst of struggles, but King David certainly knew where to put his trust! This is the sixth lesson in the series teaching kids how God used ordinary people in the Old Testament to fulfill his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Kids will be encouraged … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Ruth Lesson

Bad things happen in life, but Ruth teaches us to put our full trust in God even when we’ve suffered loss. Through her loving devotion to Naomi, we learn that God puts people in our lives to help us grow closer to him. Also, Ruth’s life shows the amazing, redemptive power of God – the same power that would one … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Exodus Lesson

Moses certainly had a miraculous beginning, but God also greatly used him through the latter part of his life. This second part of “The Story of Moses (Lesson 4 of the series),” will teach children that no obstacle is too great for God! In addition, there is a crossword at the end of the lesson to help the children remember … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Moses Lesson

God made promises to Abraham and Jacob that their descendants would be numerous and that they would be blessed. In this first part of “Who Was Moses?”, children will learn how Moses was a part of God’s continued plan for the Hebrew people and how he delivered them from slavery. This lesson emphasizes the importance of families and the impact … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Jacob Lesson

Oh, the game of playing tricks and favorites! Jacob certainly wasn’t a perfect man, but this second lesson in the “Who Was…?” series will help children understand that God has a divine plan even in the midst of human sin. This lesson covers important events in Jacob’s life such as deceiving his father, Isaac, and having twelve sons who would … More Children’s Ministry Resources