Children’s Sermon: Jesus is the Way (John 14:1-14)

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

This Bible Object Lesson will teach kids that Jesus is the Way to Life. It’s based on John 14:1-14 where Jesus says, “I am Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” Download the teachers notes, watch our Children’s Message example, and gather your supplies. Then you’re ready to share this message in your church next Sunday! “The Keys to Life”Children’s … More Children’s Ministry Resources

“Jesus is the Way” Craft Ideas

Jesus is the way the truth the life

Use these crafts when teaching kids that Jesus Christ is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” They work with any John 14:1-14 lesson plan for Sunday School. Download the craft directions, watch our how-to instructions video, and then gather your craft supplies. Jesus is the Key to the Kingdom! Craft Ideas for Jesus, the Way and the Life Jesus … More Children’s Ministry Resources

I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life (John 14:6) Lesson

Jesus is the Way

Lesson Seven: The Way, the Truth, and The Life Main idea: Jesus is comfort and certainty in an uncertain world. Series: This study is part of a  8- part series on the I AM statements of Jesus. Follow that link to find the other lesson plans. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references. Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and markers; … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children Sermon: Way, Truth, Life

Jesus is the Way

This world is a confusing place, especially for children. This simple children’s sermon will teach them that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, his truth, and the life God created them to enjoy. Leader Preparation: It is good to get the full context of the reading.  Reading John 13:31-38 would be very beneficial, then read John 14:1-12 a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Christmas Coloring Sheets: Jesus is our Way

This is the second sheeting in our printable Advent Coloring Book by Mandy Groce. Taken together, this project will give children a Biblical understanding of what Christmas is about. Directions: When you click the preview image to the right, it will open a printable PDF version of this coloring sheet. Alternately, you can download a high resolution jpeg file for … More Children’s Ministry Resources