The Trinity Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Use this free Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the Trinity. Use it in your children’s ministry or kids church to explain how God is three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is usually the most vague element of the trinity, and thus the most difficult to teach and understand. Yet its role is an … More Children’s Ministry Resources

“The Holy Spirit Comfort” Craft Ideas

Holy Spirit Crafts for Children's Ministry

Use these crafts when teaching kids about the Holy Spirit. They work with any John 14:1-14 lesson plan for Sunday School. Download the craft directions, watch our how-to instructions video, and then gather your craft supplies. Jesus Sent a Comforter! Craft Ideas for the Holy Spirit’s Comfort and Peace The Holy Spirit can be a tricky thing to focus on … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: The Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-47)

The church calendar events exhibit a pattern of patience…we wait at Advent time for the coming of the Messiah. Following that, we wait throughout Lent as we reflect on the significance of that season. When Good Friday and then Easter come, we rejoice in celebration of the risen Lord. And then we marvel at the Ascension and its admonition to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Worksheet: Learn about the Holy Spirit

holy spirit worksheet

This worksheet focuses on the Holy Spirit as one of the Trinity. It explains the Holy Spirit’s role and tells the story of when the Holy Spirit came. Click here to download this free printable This is part of a series of worksheets called “Learn About…” which interpret Bible topics on an elementary school level. Bibles and pencils are needed … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Holy Spirit "Pinwheel" Craft for Sunday School

Pinwheel craft folded paper

This craft activity is great for a windy, spring day.  It’s would be a great Pentecost Sunday School craft. The children will make a pinwheel to teach them about how God is a spirit.  A lesson can be taught, followed by making the craft and the children will finish by playing with their pinwheels outside. Click here to leave your … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"The Holy Spirit Mystery" Bible Lesson for Kids

This is the first in a series of four Bible lessons for children teaching them about the Holy Spirit.  Click here to see the series index. This lesson first prepared for a Children’s Church setting, but would be ideal for a kids Sunday School.  Through object lessons, a small group study of multiple verses, and a memory verse game, students … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Cornelius Receives the Holy Spirit: Sunday School Lesson

This lesson continues the story of Cornelius and Peter and how God included Gentiles in His plan of salvation.  This was a major event in the early church and shows God’s love was universal. This lesson was prepared for Sunday School but can be adapted for Children’s church and simplified for younger students. Bible Story: Cornelius Receives the Holy Spirit Scripture: Acts … More Children’s Ministry Resources