Children’s Sermon Lesson: Spiritual gifts 1 Corinthians 12:3-31

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“Hello children of God. I have something very special to share with you today. As you can tell, I’ve got all sorts of presents and I am going to give each of you a gift. So each of you gets to open a very special gift bag of your very own and you get to find out what’s inside it. Now there’s something in all of these and we’re going to use the items that are in the bags to do something together. So let me give you a bag and we can find out what your special gift is. This is, ignore the fact that that one has Christmas on it. Now let’s open up our bags and see what’s inside, shall we? All right, let’s see here. We’ve got peanut butter, all right. I mean I like peanut butter, you can always go for some of that. This one [Music] bread. I think I might see where this is going here. Here we have a knife and here it’s a big bag for small item Julie. Now what do you think I might be able to do if I used all of these things together? Absolutely correct, I could build a boat. No, I’m not going to build a boat. I can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now could I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich If I Only Had strawberry jam? No, that would just be jam without sandwich and as great as Jam is, it’s definitely not the same. Could I make a sandwich If I Only Had bread? Only if you want to eat an air sandwich or an imaginary sandwich. So I need all of these items working together to make my sandwich, right? I couldn’t do it without one of these things. Gotta have the knife or else I’m going to be spreading it on with my finger and that’s just messy and not sanitary and really doesn’t even spread that well to begin with, let me tell you, I’ve tried it. So I need all of these components to put my sandwich together. They all work together. Each one of them on their own is usable and special but together they’re even better and together they can make me a nice tasty snack or lunch or breakfast or whatever it is you want to have a PB J for. I think it’s good any time of day or quite frankly. But it’s the same way with us. This is how God uses us and helps us work together as his body, the church. The Bible tells us that each of us has special gifts that God gives us, special spiritual gifts. For instance, some people have wisdom or discernment, some people have knowledge are really smart, some people have amazing faith, some people might even be able to speak in different languages, maybe they’re great at music, maybe they’re good at teaching and we all have these different abilities, different things that God gives us that are special. You have special talents too, maybe you’ve discovered what some of those are, maybe there are talents that you have yet to figure out and that’s that’s a special present that you’ll get to open. God gives us and the awesome thing is that we can figure out how we can use those gifts to work together as the church. So some people are really great at taking out trash, we need trash take routers. Some people are good at speaking, maybe they’ll become pastors or leaders. Some people like to cook, they can make snacks or coffee for filler sick time. Some people might be singing up front, some people might be singing with the kids, you put my piercing in with the choir, who might be passing out bullet

ins or typing up bulletins. There are a lot of things that need done, kind of like how we have bodies that have all these parts that work together. Well, it’s the same way with the church, we’re a body, we’re a family and we all work together to do great and wonderful things for God. One person on their own can pray and do good things for God surely, but one person can’t be a body of believers, one person can’t be a whole church. It takes all of us and it’s important to have us all there working together. If someone’s missing, someone’s gift isn’t there, well things can’t operate the way that they’re supposed to. God gives us these abilities that we can use them for him. It’s a treasure just like the gift of himself. Jesus gave his body for us so that we can be his body, the church. It’s a little tricky to wrap your head around that one, but Christ has given us grace and forgiveness and special abilities and we can give those back to him. We can thank him for what he has blessed us with by using our talents and time and treasures to give back to him and in that way we all work together, we make it happen. When he sees his people using their abilities and working as a body, well that pleases God, he makes him very joyful to see us working for him and carrying out his mission. So you might be the bread, maybe you’re the peanut butter, maybe you’re the knife or the napkin, but whatever your gift is, find a way that you can eagerly, happily use it for God. There’s lots of way to bless others, there’s lots of ways ways that we can give to the church. Why don’t we say a prayer and thank God for whatever wonderful gifts he has given us. Dear God, thank you for your gifts and for your many blessings. Help us to use our talents for you and to know how we can be your body, the church. Thank you for your love, we love you God, in Jesus name, amen. God has given us a great treasure in his church and we can contribute to it and work together to love and serve our Lord. Hopefully, this gives you one more idea to share this important truth with your students. Come join us again because we have new lessons and ideas out every week to bless you in your ministry. Reverend and with whomever that might be, make some disciples. Have a wonderful week, we’ll see you next time.”

The video was published on May 23, 2023, and it is made for kids. The video is about teaching children about spiritual gifts and how they can be used in the church. The presenter uses the analogy of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to explain how different gifts can work together for a common purpose.

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