Pentecost Bible Study Lesson for Kids from Acts 2:1-21

Pentecost Bible Lesson for Kids (Acts 2:1-21) is the featured lesson for May 19, 2024. Teach kids about the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower the disciples to spread the message of Jesus. This powerful Bible story shows that the Gospel is for everyone. This Sunday School lesson can be used in children’s ministry, Sunday School, or kids church. Everything is included in the PDF download below (teaching notes, coloring pages, craft directions, game ideas, and

Jesus Appears to the Disciples (Luke 24:36-48) Sunday School Lesson PDF

Revealing the Big Picture – Luke 24:36-48 is a Bible lesson and activity pack for children that aims to help them understand the significance of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. The lesson uses puzzles and pictures to illustrate how we can step back and see the “big picture” of God’s plan for us, and how Jesus is the “missing puzzle piece” that makes everything make sense. The lesson also includes activities such as a jigsaw puzzle, a

The Light of Christ Shines (1 John 1:1 – 2:2) Sunday School Lesson for Kids

“Light it Up – 1 John 1:1-2:2” is a Bible lesson and activity resource for children. The lesson focuses on the importance of light, as a metaphor for God’s love and guidance. It encourages children to recognize that God is always with them, even in the darkness, and to share His light with others. The lesson includes a Bible study, object lesson, and activities. Download this lesson plan from the Sunday School Store in KJV and ESV.

Numbers 21:4-9 Sunday School Lesson for Kids – Moses Lifts the Bronze Serpent

This Moses and the Serpent Bible lesson is available in ESV and KJV, also from the Sunday School Store. Use the link above to download the complete teaching plan in NIV translation. The Final Cure: Lifted Up to Save – Sunday School Lesson: Numbers 21 In this lesson, we consider how God rescues us and is with us. The snake bites and bronze serpent cure of Numbers 21 might seem a little odd, but the passage points

The Heavens Declare: Sunday School Lesson on Psalm 19:1-14

The Heavens Declare – Sunday School Lesson: Psalm 19 God has made the Earth and everything in it. Like a handmade gift tailored to a specific purpose, He has created all things with love and precious meaning. This lesson celebrates the care and creativity of God, who governs the universe. When we consider His mighty works, there is nothing for us to do but glorify Him with our lives, praising Him with word and song and following

Jesus Predicts His Suffering (Mark 8:27-37) Sunday School Lesson

Life isn’t easy. This is no surprise to most of us, but we sometimes hope to shelter kids from the challenges that surround us. It’s important to share with children that, although this world has trials, God is with us through them and helps us with them. This lesson is a reminder that we can’t argue with God’s plan. We don’t always understand His will and His ways, and things might not go as we’d hope. However,

God’s Rainbow Promise to Noah (Genesis 9:8-17) Sunday School Lesson

Rainbows are quite a marvel of nature, but they’re far more than a scientific phenomenon or inspiring Judy Garland song. The rainbow is a beautiful reminder that God keeps His promises to us. He promised not to destroy the Earth again, and He won’t. He promised a savior, and Jesus came…and will come again! Use this lesson to discuss special reminders that we have in our lives, and how the rainbow is a reminder of God’s love

Praise the Lord (Psalm 147:1-20) Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Not in Horse or Human Legs – Sunday School Lesson: Psalm 147 The Psalms are full of wonderful reminders of God’s power and love. Psalm 147 is a beautiful picture of the remarkable things that God has done and how He cares for us in many wonderful ways. This lesson highlights how He does not delight in the accomplishments that we achieve or the things that we do, but in who we are as His children and

Isaiah 40:1-11 Sunday School Lesson on God’s Word Endures Forever

God’s Word is everlasting, reliable even when everything else in our lives changes or doesn’t last. The hopeful message of Isaiah 40 reminds us of this, promising that God will always be with us and that we can count on Him no matter what. God loves us and cares for us, nurturing His people like a shepherd and responding when we call. He wants to comfort us and give us His peace. This lesson highlights elements of

Crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 3:1-17; 4:1-7) Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Life is full of unknown developments that force us to lean on the Lord and trust Him for guidance. We are often called to obey God without knowing the eventual outcome of circumstances, having faith that He is with us and will help us. This message reminds children of those principles while telling the story of Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan. Begin with a blindfolded faith activity to highlight the importance of trust and explain

Sunday School Lesson: “God, Our Heavenly Father, Cares for Us” Matthew 10:24-39 for Kids

Lesson Introduction Begin the lesson by welcoming the children and reminding them that they are all special and loved by God. Explain that today’s lesson is about understanding how much God, our Heavenly Father, cares for us. This lesson is based on Matthew 10:24-39. Understanding the Matthew 10:24-39 for Kids Read Matthew 10:24-39 aloud to the children. Explain that in these verses, Jesus is teaching his disciples about the cost of following Him. He tells them not

Children’s Sermon Lesson Matthew 10:24-39 Our Father in Heaven Cares for Us

“Bible Object Lesson – The Heavenly Father Cares for Us – Children’s Sermon Message” “Well, I’ve done it again. Hi there, it’s Kristin and Fiona who is very much interested in this plant that I’ve been trying to grow. I seem to have a very difficult time keeping things alive. I don’t know if I give them too much water or not enough water or if they’re in the Sun too long or too little or maybe

The Sacrifice of Issac Bible Craft Ideas from Genesis 22

Here is the full transcript of the video titled “Crafts Ideas: The Sacrifice of Isaac”: “We have some more fun bible crafts today and they feature a story that’s sometimes strange to tell and definitely strange to craft but is an important reminder of the sacrifice that God made for us and how we can put God first in our lives. So we’re looking at the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis chapter 22 when God

Children’s Sermon Lesson Genesis 22:1-14 The Sacrifice of Isaac

“Children’s Message: The Sacrifice of Isaac”: “Hello children of God. I want you to try something for me. I have this jar and we are going to fill it up with some stuff. So the first thing I want you to pour into the jar is this cup of rice. Easy enough, right? All right, oh the rice into the jar. Okay, now the next thing that you need to fit in this same jar are these

New Life in Christ Bible Crafts for Children’s Sunday School

Vdeo “Craft Ideas: New Life in Christ”: “Hello there, it is time to get creative once again and today’s crafts are all about transformation. We’re talking about Romans 6 and how we are made new in Christ, how we die with him and have a resurrection with him as well. So we’re going to celebrate that with a couple of crafts that sort of talk about things that can change or grow or transform. First thing we’re

Children’s Sermon Lesson: Transformed by Christ Romans 6:1-14

Video “Children’s Sermon Lesson: Transformed by Christ Romans 6:1-14”: “Hello children of God. What do I have here? It’s kind of hard to tell. These are tortilla chips, well they’re sort of turning into the crumbs of tortilla chips now, but you get the idea. The delicious chips that you could dip in salsa or sour cream or make nachos or have with tacos or something like that. But where did tortilla chips come from? What were

Bible Craft Ideas: The Birth of Isaac Genesis 18 & 21

“Hi there, today it’s crafts feature the story of Abraham and Sarah and the birth of their son Isaac. Now the first craft that we’re going to make has to do with how the Angels came to visit and announced that Isaac would be born which of course led to laughter on the part of Sarah which of course led to Isaac’s name spoiler alert but anyway we’re going to make a little craft celebrates that now

Craft Ideas: God’s Creation

“Hello there Crafters, this week we have some creative creation crafts for you. We’re talking about Genesis chapter one and how God made everything. So we are going to make not quite everything but a couple of things in honor of the creation story. So let’s get right to work, we have a couple of really great things today. The first one we’re going to do is just sort of a little reminder of you of what

Children’s Sermon Lesson: Spiritual gifts 1 Corinthians 12:3-31

“Hello children of God. I have something very special to share with you today. As you can tell, I’ve got all sorts of presents and I am going to give each of you a gift. So each of you gets to open a very special gift bag of your very own and you get to find out what’s inside it. Now there’s something in all of these and we’re going to use the items that are in

Craft Ideas: Ascension of Jesus (Luke 24:44-53 and Acts 1:1-11)

Here is the full transcript of the video titled “Craft Ideas: Ascension of Jesus (Luke 24:44-53 and Acts 1:1-11)”: “Hello there. Today we’re talking about the Ascension, this wonderful reminder of how Jesus went up into heaven and how he’ll come back again someday. But meanwhile, we have jobs to do. Anyways, we’re going to make two crafts today that celebrate the Ascension, that going up. The first one is pretty simple. It’s kind of a fun

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson: Ascension of Jesus (Luke 24:44-53 and Acts 1:1-11)

“Hello children of God. Have you ever traveled on an airplane? Some people get a little bit nervous about going way up in the air in this big old vehicle. I think it’s a pretty exciting experience. I mean, especially if you’re going somewhere fun, somewhere that you look forward to going, it’s pretty amazing. But there are a lot of steps that you have to go through before air travel happens, right? If you’ve ever been

Children’s Sermon on Doubting Thomas (John 20:19-31)

Yeah Right! Children’s Message on Doubting Thomas Main Objective: Do we need to see things to believe them? How can we know that what we are told is true? This message focuses on the importance of trusting God’s Word as a reliable source of information, given for us to know and understand who He is. It also reviews the story of “doubting Thomas” to consider that doubts will come, but Christ is with us in those doubts.

Children’s Sermon (Ezekiel 37:1-14) The Valley of Dry Bones

Come to Life! Children’s Message on Ezekiel’s Vision of Dry Bones    Main Objective: How can we put life into things? Can we bring things to life out of nothing? Aside from a few simple “magic” tricks, it is impossible for us as humans to bring things to life, but our God gives hope, renewal, and new opportunity! This message discusses the vision of Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones, reminding us that God has a

Bible Teaching Ideas John 4:5-42 Never Thirst Again / Woman at the Well

Never Thirst Again!  Sunday School Lesson on Jesus and the Woman at the Well (John 4) What do we need to live? The answers might seem fairly simple, but what does it mean to be spiritually alive? For children, it can be challenging to understand some of the metaphors Jesus used in His earthly ministry, and what they have to do with our lives. This lesson discusses the story of the woman Jesus met at the well,