Craft Ideas: God’s Creation

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“Hello there Crafters, this week we have some creative creation crafts for you. We’re talking about Genesis chapter one and how God made everything. So we are going to make not quite everything but a couple of things in honor of the creation story. So let’s get right to work, we have a couple of really great things today. The first one we’re going to do is just sort of a little reminder of you of what was made on each day of creation. So we’re going to do a story on popsicle sticks and we’re going to start out popsicle sticks of course and some paper. Now I’m going to cut out strips of paper, basically we’re going to be taping or pasting our papers onto the popsicle stick. Now you can do this in circles or really in any shape, I’m going to do it in rectangles and you’ll kind of see why in a moment. So I’m just going to start trying to make relatively even or relatively similar size rectangles with my papers and you don’t want them to be too huge because of course they have to put on a popsicle stick but they’re going to have take a guess at how many total, that’s right seven because again this is the creation story and to go with the seven days of well technically six days in a rest but spoiler alert. So we’re going to cut out seven rectangle strips again a pretty similar size and let’s see if I can math all right I’ve got six and get one more and what we’re going to do is sort of make a self quizzing game almost for these different days of creation. So on each strip what we’re going to do is fold it in half and this is what’s going to go on the popsicle stick again even that’s a little big I could probably make these strips slightly smaller but we’ll stick with this and so we’re going to do is we’re going to put a number on one side of the strip and then on the other side we’re going to draw a picture and or write words describing what happened on that day of creation. So we’re going to do this the abbreviated version so we’re not here all day but feel free to take your time maybe even drag this out over a couple of days or a couple of weeks rather. So we’re going to start with number one then on the inside I’ve got light and dark so you could do I don’t know you could do a little light bulb or something to remind you of that light bulbs were not invented yet then but you get the idea. So then we have day two we’re gonna put our nice big two on here and we’ll have water and Skye that’s why it’s blue draw some clouds there if you have stickers to go along with this that’s awesome also again this is the very basic basic version then we’re gonna have day three four lamps and trees it’s a lovely lovely tree trust me that’s what that is then we’ll have day four one is four stars and sun so I could have some Stars Sun do you get the idea then we’re getting there we’re almost there and we have today five with there we go five we have creatures water creatures animals that kind of fun stuff we it’s fish and a flying fish and last well almost last we have Capstone here oh and on day seven we have that wonderful blessing that is wrist so now that we have all of our components here we are going to tape them onto the back of popsicle sticks and you can glue or tape them but I like to tape just for the fact of that way I don’t have to wait for the glue to dry so we’re going to taper our sticks down then we’re

going to get a cup or bowl or some kind of something and we’re going to decorate it and use it as a vessel for my sticks and then we can turn this into sort of a guessing game review game kind of a thing so we’ve got all my sticks and then put them in my cup and if you write creation which you could really can’t see from where you are but that’s what it says there you can throw on some stickers and then replace our sticks into the cup and pull them out to go oh number seven what happened then that’s when God rested that’s our Sabbath our day of rest or ooh what happened on day three hmm well that’s when the plants and trees came so just a fun little review of application story that you can turn into a game and activity and craft all at once.

Now craft number two we’re going to take a slight deviation on things and we’re going to have some extra fun here making something that can be created and crafted and molded as well we’re going to be making Play-Doh that’s right Play-Doh so we are going to make something that can then be made into other somethings we’re going to start off their basic ingredient now are there multiple Play-Doh recipes out there of course you betcha there’s all kinds of Play-Doh recipes so this is one way to do it there are many others and of course make as much as you need or as many people as you need this is going to be a smallish batch but I don’t need that much anyway so I’m going to start out with a cup of flour again use however much you need these can be adjusted that’s not a good measuring you should really scrape it off with a knife but it’s Play-Doh it’s not a cake so flour and we’re going to have a quarter cup of salt it’s a lot of salt that’s okay supposed to be then to that we’re going to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil working all the oil whatever you got and now we’re going to stir this all together just get it nice and mixed up and Incorporated then maybe a tiny bit more oil here there we go possibly that was too much but we’ll see we can always adjust now I’m going to take a half a cup of water I’ve got here and I’m going to add in some food coloring whichever color you like of course my favorite color is green so I’m going to add in a little bit of green one drop or two is enough and that is naturally going to make it colorful if you want it to be scented Play-Doh if you really wanted to create it you could drop in some essential oils or vanilla or something to give yourself a little bit of a scent of course that’s totally optional so I’m gonna kind of gently pour this in to see how much I need I may not need all of it it’s obviously I’m not going to dump it all in there if I don’t need all of it but Stir It Around and do I make homemade Play-Doh you ask well partly because it’s fun it’s a great rainy day activity you could also eat it and it wouldn’t hurt you I mean that’s not gonna taste great but it’s not gonna hurt you um non-toxic and if you made it with sugar I guess you could make it sweeter but this part is going to be pretty salty now last thing I’m going to add to this is cornstarch so I’m going to pop in just a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch that will get things nice and thickened up and when you can’t really stir it anymore you’re gonna sort of knead it like a dough so at this point of my ingredients are nicely Incorporated and I’m just going to finish it off by kneading it together nice there we go

and just knead and squish and squish and knead until you have this lovely blob you can kind of feel it coming together you can feel it getting more play-doh-ish and again this doesn’t look or taste very great but that’s okay that’s not what it’s there for it’s there to be a fun tool students can use don’t worry that’s just my spoon it’s fine let’s put the floor later and now you have this wonderful moldable squishable Play-Doh it’s easy to tear off into chunks hand it out to kids you can make things out of it lots of great fun and entertainment you can even throw some glitter in there and make it sparkly if you want it’s up to you get creative with it because it’s your blob of dough two create and mold and make a masterpiece so Play-Doh fun and our seven days of creation fun six plus arrest wonderful ways to remember and celebrate the story of Genesis 1. so feel free to squish it squeeze it make it take it play it your own way but have fun hopefully this will give you some bouncing off ideas and be a blessing to you in your ministry forever and with whomever that might be now go make some crafts make some disciples and join us again have a great week see you next time.”

The video was published on May 23, 2023, and it is made for kids. The video is about teaching children about the creation story from Genesis chapter one. The presenter uses various craft materials to create a visual representation of each day of creation. The presenter also demonstrates how to make homemade Play-Doh..

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