New Life in Christ Bible Crafts for Children’s Sunday School

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Vdeo “Craft Ideas: New Life in Christ”:

“Hello there, it is time to get creative once again and today’s crafts are all about transformation. We’re talking about Romans 6 and how we are made new in Christ, how we die with him and have a resurrection with him as well. So we’re going to celebrate that with a couple of crafts that sort of talk about things that can change or grow or transform.

First thing we’re going to do is we’re going to look at how seeds can grow into flowers and our craft is going to start out with a nice piece of paper and we’re going to use a nice pink piece of paper today I guess I have a pink thing going I have a lot of papers actually but we’re gonna use actually I’m more fun I’m going to do a double-sided paper and we’re going to fold it and almost make like a card in a sense but don’t worry you’ll understand momentarily so we’re going to start out just by gluing these two parts of paper together you can of course just use one piece of paper and fold it over but this is really going to complete that transformation element and also gives me a bit more thickness to my paper if you use something like cardstock this may not be necessary but there you have your paper now I’m going to fold it sort of like a card on this part here I will start with caption and since we’re focusing on seeds here let’s say just has seeds grow into plants because that’s the idea here start with something that gets transformed into something new now I have a variety of seeds so I have some pumpkin seeds and the craft is not focusing on pumpkin but that’s okay let’s see if it’s a seed and with these you can glue them down you can tape them on I might do a little of both just to make things nice and extra secure but we’ve got also some more fun seeds over here I have some Kohlrabi and some radishes as it turns out and also a little bit of tarragon now these ones are very very small little guys in fact those ones are so small I’m not even gonna use them because you can’t see what they are but sprinkle just a few of these out [Music] and then I will put some tape over for reinforcement these are really small kind of like mustard seeds about as small as that but that’s all Faith you need to move mountains after all so again you can use a variety of seeds it’s just one Whatever you’ve got whatever works these are the guys remind me of rat droppings but promise they’re seeds so tape them down to reinforce and then on the inside of your paper we’re going to have the fun flowery part so just as seeds go into plants Here Comes our suspense open up my paper since here’s the fun part now of course pumpkin seeds and Kohlrabi seeds are not going to turn into flowers but that’s okay we don’t have to know any of that so I’m going to take a couple of coffee filters stirred up my flowery little teeth and I’m going to again write my verse caption here and I’ll say we have New Life in Jesus I can be transformed and then I’ll reference Romans 6. you can do the full referencer just the sixth part will work as well so now I’m going to my coffee filters I’m going to add a little bit of color of course please feel free to make this so much more wonderful and beautiful and nice and neat and lovely match this I’m gonna try and two sort of like a smashed one so it’ll fit but obviously for timing I’m not going to make them all wonderful and beautiful and gorgeous and lovely but you please feel free to make them so much more wonderful than this so I’m going

to take that guy down I’m gonna add on another little coffee filter actually this is a mini muffin container because I’m just getting too carried away with this and then I’m then I guess and we have our lovely Interactive flowery display I mean it’s kind of interactive I don’t know if it’s entirely interactive but you get the idea is that I’m talking about how we have transformation and we our New Creations because of Jesus so here we have plain born little tiny seeds and if you want to get more creative you can like draw some roots on here or something but they sprout into wonderful Blossom flowers seeds flowers seeds flowers I do the large enough paper you could do that all in one but it’s kind of fun to have that Tada transformation moment so that is craft number one.

Craft number two also has to do with a wonderful transformation we are going to make a butterfly that’s right a beautiful wonderful lovely butterfly so I’m just looking for some good paper to start on now first I’m going to actually before making my butterfly make my cocoon or Chrysalis if you want to be technical about things because Coons are for moths and crystals they’re from butterflies but anyways so I’m going to start out with this guy and we’re even going to make a little caterpillar kind of going down into this cocoon you can make it more fun and fluffy if you want I’m just doing a very simple basic caterpillar here and maybe we’ll give him some legs here’s my caterpillar he’s going down into his chrysalis and you can even I’ve got another version of this craft well you make a separate caterpillar put it into the Cocoon bring out the butterfly we’re doing it slightly differently this time but here is my caterpillar so we’re gonna say Prince formation let me say old things made new now I’m going to come over here and make my butterfly and I’m gonna give myself sort of a template of sorts so I know where to cut I’m gonna get this butterfly some lovely wings nice thing is also if I except I can just cut it out around it so that’s the basic idea of my butterfly if you worry it’ll be much more lovely in just a moment so I’m gonna cut out my butterfly and give it some wonderful decoration two there we go these little wings all separated here and now I’m going to add some adornments so I will do a caption on here and we’ll say I have New Life and Jesus give my verse reference here now I’m gonna give this butterfly some fun additions too give them that same little fun caterpillar face now I’m going to make this sort of three-dimensional and colorful by adding some tissue paper so what I’m going to do is I’m going to throw glue over one section at a time and then I’m going to there’s a couple ways you can do this you can just scrunch up pieces like that and stick it on or you can use a pencil or a toothbrush to grind your pieces like that sort of wiggle it around and stick it on if it ever floats your boat if you’re working with little guys this allows you to get some fun fine motor in with your Craft Time that’s always a handy dandy bonus we’re just going to our stuff all over this little butterfly and hey if you’re in a mood to teach you can also talk about patterns and colors and all this fun stuff but I’m going to demonstrate one segment obviously this scrunching and squishing and squeezing and gluing can take some time so I’m gonna kind of do a quick job with my other segments so that you’re not here forever watching me squish tissue paper into little balls but once you’ve got these all squished on and you don’t even have to necessarily squish them you could also

just do them flat like a mosaic but it’s a little more fun to have this poppy outy squishy element and yes those are all real charms poppy Audi squishy all things definitely all things so now I’ve got my beautiful butterfly let me give him one more thing before I stick them in his chrysalis and that is I’m going to give him some antenna here just gonna take a pipe cleaner and I’m going to roll it and I could took a hole punch in and poke this through his little head I don’t have quite a little the room for that so I’m going to just do it with a piece of tape tape on his antenna and now my butterfly is complete so to celebrate in your life and transformation I can fold this little guy tuck them into chrysalis and like the new life we have in Jesus like remembering baptism like being born again all those great things we have are caterpillar and two I love they love the butterfly so two fun crafts that hopefully will emphasize this element of transformation new life and who we are it’s our identity in Jesus hopefully that can give you some ideas to start off from bounce off of whatever you want to do with it roll with them and hopefully this is a blessing to you and your ministry wherever and with whomever that might be have some fun go make some crafts make some disciples see you next time.”

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