Walking with the Way Maker: A New Journey Begins in Children’s Ministry

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The Sunday School Store has just launched a new curriculum called “Walking with the Way Maker: 5-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum.” This curriculum is designed to guide children aged 6-12 through the miracles of Jesus, demonstrating His divinity and constant presence in times of difficulty.

Where will kids turn in the storms of life?

In today’s world, our children are often faced with challenges that can feel overwhelming. From struggles at school to difficulties at home, life can often feel like one crisis after another. They’re caught in a storm that won’t let up or trapped in a fiery furnace with no way out. These challenges can make our kids feel alone and overwhelmed, facing problems that seem too big to overcome.

Download the 1st week as a free sample lesson below to learn more:

Children need to know Jesus, the waymaker.

Amid these storms and fiery trials, our children need a Way Maker. They need to know that they are not alone, that there is someone who can guide them through their difficulties. They must understand that the same Jesus who performed miracles in the Bible is the same Jesus who wants to know and love them today.

Guide your students ages 6-12 through the miracles of Jesus.

The “Walking with the Way Maker: 5-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum” is designed to meet this need. Over five weeks, children will delve into Jesus’s miracles in the Bible, showing how they demonstrate His divinity and His constant presence in times of difficulty. They will learn about Jesus calming the storm, feeding the five thousand, healing the blind man, being present in the fiery furnace, and raising Lazarus from the dead.

Each lesson is designed to help children recognize Jesus as their personal Savior, guiding them through life’s challenges and fostering a deeper relationship with Him. The curriculum includes engaging activities, discussion questions, memory verse activities, and more to keep children’s attention and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Conclusion: A Journey Begins

With the “Walking with the Way Maker: 5-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum,” we invite our children to embark on a faith journey. A journey where they will learn about the miracles of Jesus, deepen their understanding of His love, and discover that He is the Way Maker in their lives.

So, let’s take this journey together. Let’s walk with the Way Maker and help our children discover the love and power of Jesus in their lives.

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