Announcing the New “So Satisfying” Curriculum Series from the Sunday School Store

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest curriculum series, “So Satisfying,” from the Sunday School Store. This 4-week children’s ministry curriculum is designed to guide children aged 6-12 years to understand that the true and lasting satisfaction they seek can only be found in a relationship with Jesus.

In today’s world, children are constantly bombarded with messages of instant gratification. From the allure of perfectly fitting objects to the fascination of watching a rusty object being polished anew, the internet is filled with “satisfying” videos that captivate our kids. However, these fleeting pleasures never truly satisfy their longing for fulfillment. Our new curriculum, “So Satisfying,” aims to guide kids to understand that lasting satisfaction can only be found in a relationship with Jesus.

Download the free sample lesson below:

A Glimpse into the 4-Week Lesson Overview

The “So Satisfying” curriculum is divided into four lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of finding true satisfaction in Jesus.

  1. Clean Heart: This lesson focuses on the story of Daniel, teaching children that true satisfaction comes from living with a clean heart and standing firm in the faith, just like Daniel did.
  2. Forget Perfection: Using the story of Gideon, this lesson emphasizes that we don’t need to be perfect to find satisfaction. God uses us despite our imperfections, offering the true satisfaction of His grace.
  3. Connect to “The Artist”: Drawing inspiration from the story of Oholiab and Bezalel, this lesson teaches children how their lives can glorify God when they form a close connection with Him.
  4. Be Restored: Showcasing the life of Joseph, this lesson demonstrates the restoring power of God and how He can satisfy our needs and restore us in unimaginable ways when we trust Him.

What’s Included in the Curriculum?

The “So Satisfying” curriculum comes as an instant PDF download and includes a range of resources to make teaching easier and more engaging. It includes:

  • Easy to teach lesson plan
  • Discussion questions and prayer
  • Memory verse activity
  • Printable word search worksheets
  • Bible story coloring pages
  • Craft activities

The curriculum is designed to work with any Bible translations and includes poster visuals using the NIV, ESV, KJV, and NLT. It’s perfect for children’s ministry, kids’ church, or Sunday School.

Join Us on this Journey of Discovery

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery as we explore the concept of true satisfaction from a Biblical perspective. Let’s guide our children towards the enduring, fulfilling nature of our connection with God, contrasting it against the fleeting, temporary satisfaction offered by the world.

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