New Life in Christ Bible Crafts for Children’s Sunday School

Vdeo “Craft Ideas: New Life in Christ”: “Hello there, it is time to get creative once again and today’s crafts are all about transformation. We’re talking about Romans 6 and how we are made new in Christ, how we die with him and have a resurrection with him as well. So we’re going to celebrate that with a couple of crafts that sort of talk about things that can change or grow or transform. First thing we’re

Children’s Sermon Lesson: Transformed by Christ Romans 6:1-14

Video “Children’s Sermon Lesson: Transformed by Christ Romans 6:1-14”: “Hello children of God. What do I have here? It’s kind of hard to tell. These are tortilla chips, well they’re sort of turning into the crumbs of tortilla chips now, but you get the idea. The delicious chips that you could dip in salsa or sour cream or make nachos or have with tacos or something like that. But where did tortilla chips come from? What were