Bible Craft Ideas: The Birth of Isaac Genesis 18 & 21

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“Hi there, today it’s crafts feature the story of Abraham and Sarah and the birth of their son Isaac. Now the first craft that we’re going to make has to do with how the Angels came to visit and announced that Isaac would be born which of course led to laughter on the part of Sarah which of course led to Isaac’s name spoiler alert but anyway we’re going to make a little craft celebrates that now at the time they were living out near Mamre. So they were living in a tent so we’re going to make a tent and that’s going to be our backdrop way of showing Abraham and Sarah.

So here we’re going to have basic craft supplies all you’ll need is some paper markers and crayons scissors some glue or tape that’s all there is to it now we’re going to start out actually by making the characters of Abraham and Sarah and you can make as many of the visitors as you’d like you can just do one for the sake of a story and timing or if you have time and you want to make a whole bunch make all three or whatever you want to do anyways we’re going to start off with that now can do this part you can print out pre-made pictures of these characters but what’s the fun and creativity of that so I’m actually going to draw myself some people and I’m not the grandest of artists but here’s Abraham Father Abraham as it were and I’m not going to do a really detailed job here guess I should have given him some gray hair but oh well here’s how it’s going to be and Abraham’s over here he’s got some bread that he’s serving to these Angelic visitors see always be nice and you’re hosting guests because you just never know who’s going to be at your door so there’s Abraham and then over here we’ll make Sarah don’t worry you’ll see how this all goes together so here’s Sarah and she’s laughing because she thinks it’s impossible that she could have a kid in her old age she’s just gonna be lifting up her hands going that’s just so silly and she’s also gonna be sitting down because I do or her’s true short that’s the truth of the matter there but here’s Sarah now we’ll have space four this Angelic post here so once I get all these guys drawn again you can actually have these already drawn and cut out but here is my guy and explaining what’s gonna happen and of course he doesn’t really look like an angel because we don’t really know that he is I mean we know he is but you get the idea anyways there’s my three figures so I just gotta give him a little Halo because you know he’s an angel now we’re gonna cut these guys out and I’m going to attach them onto a piece of paper but wait there’s more because the really fun part comes at the end when we make things in tips but I’m absolutely intended so got my figures cut out here and one two three Abraham Sarah and there’s special special holy visitor now I’m going to add them to this backdrop here and that glue is all out then we will add our tent so here’s good old father Abraham but he’s not a father yet here’s special special visitor and here’s Sarah laughing at his message now we’re going to make the fun tent so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to cut out a triangle that can be peeled back like a tent you’ll see what I mean in just a moment but I’ve got just make sure have enough space cover all of my little characters here to do here we go and that’s why we have extra pieces of paper because that is not going

to cover all of my little characters let’s just try that again on the tent making there we go that will work as long as I make it you’re never domey Dent which we can do so I’m just gonna make it kind of a house tint snippy snip snip snip there we go their feet might be peeking out the bottom a little bit that’s all right and I’m going to cut a slit in the center here so that this can be Fold It Up one way or the other way to reveal what is inside and glue that part on just at the top because we want to still be able to fold it back now we’re going to capture this so we know what in the world all this is about and let’s see something like entertaining [Music] angels the birth of Isaac he is no laughing matter we’ll give her a little reference here this is from Genesis chapter 18. and then if you like you can add some embellishments and decorations to your little tent and just make a little little tassel coming down here show that this is a lovely tent you may be living out in the wilderness but they can still have a nice home and now what we’ll have is we’ve got our backdrop and our tent and we can lift the flaps to see who’s underneath here we have our tent in the wilderness oh but wait there’s Abraham and Sarah and their special visitor so that’s craft number one to tell explain and remember the story craft number two is a bit more simple and it’s kind of just a fun remembrance of this baby that was born so we are going to make ourselves a little baby and this time I’m going to start off with a caption here and then we’ll see baby Isaac is born found in Genesis chapter 21. so there’s my explanation for why I have this random baby on a piece of paper now we’re gonna make that random baby for the paper and you can put this on any sort of a backdrop and if you want you could even make a little basket or you can use like a paper bag that’s really better for Moses but if you wanted to use a paper bag go for it now to make my baby I’m going to use a toilet paper too or a paper towel too burp whatever kind of tube you’ve got you you can also use clothes pin you can use a paper plate there’s lots of ways to make a cute little baby for instance paper plate you fold it over like this there’s a cute little baby inside lots of baby ways but we’re going to do what toilet paper tube today and we’re going to start off by drawing a little face on baby Isaac so we know that he’s alive he’s not just a tube in fact if you want to get real creative we could put the tube inside of the paper plate but we’ll just do the Jeep for now here’s the two baby face and now we’re gonna wrap him up I’m gonna put some glue on him and then I’m going to use crepe paper you can also use regular paperwork you can use toilet paper whatever you’ve got whatever you’d like to use so we’re gonna swaddle him with this paper and obviously I’m not going to cover up his face that would be pretty cool but here’s a little baby Isaac where these little baby blanket I’m going to add a piece of tape to secure it all down and there we go and just for fun I can show you the Simplicity of this paper plate feature we would just fold it up like this staple or tape it down here so now you’ve got options and do that cute little baby face again which of course you could make it more decorative you can color it more you can add some hair whatever you’d like to do two ways to make baby Isaac you can even add if you’re using the

toilet paper method to the paper tube that is give him a little sash why not maybe he’s gonna have a little sash it right sure so two adorable baby Isaac’s either one of which you can affix to your background with your first caption and voila two simple but fun and creative crafts to celebrate the story of the birth of Isaac and how God always always keeps his promises you might have to wait you might not be sure what he’s going to do but he is always at work so hopefully this can help you with this wonderful story from the book of Genesis now go make some crafts make some disciples and join us again have a great week see you next time.”

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