Easter Cross (Simple Printable) Craft for Kids

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Easter Cross Craft project for kids
Simple Easter Cross – Printable Craft Project

Easter Cross Printable Craft

There are two options for this craft – depending on how complicated you want to make the project.

  • Easy / Less Mess – Just print the paper, cover the cross shape with clear scotch tape. Have the kids use crayons or markers. The color won’t stick to the taped portion. The photo above is the finished example.
  • Hard / More Mess – Print the cross on thicker paper, card-stock works well. Cover the cross shape with painters tape (stick it to your shirt first to make removal easier). Then have the children paint as they like. See the video below for examples.

Here is a craft project we used in our children’s ministry. The idea was to protect a portion of paper with masking tape as the children painted around it. Once dry, we removed the masking tape to reveal the shape of a cross. The page includes this verse from Hebrews 7:25.

He is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

I did have some problems with the tape tearing away. The moisture from the paint would bleed under the tape even though the color was contained. This weakens the paper and makes it tear slightly when you remove the tape. The best solution was to keep the edges of the paint away from the masking tape. Leave me a comment if you find a better solution.

Update: Most readers have said sticking the masking tape to your shirt first will remove some of the stickiness and prevent the problem of paper pulling away.

Watch the video below for full directions. You can click the preview to download this template as a print friendly PDF file. I’ve also uploaded one without the Bible verse so you can add your own. Or you can download this as a jpeg image.

YouTube video

or watch this painted cross craft idea on YouTube.

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