Preschool Bible Lesson: Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter

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Preschool Lesson about JesusThis is lesson continues our curriculum for preschoolers about knowing Jesus. Each lesson is based on a passage in the Gospel of Mark. You can read the series introduction for more explanation and links to the other lessons.
This particular lesson is from Mark 5:21-24; 35-43 when Jesus heals the daughter of Jairus. This story points to the power of Jesus and the importance of having faith in him. Preschoolers will learn that only Jesus is stronger than death. In some Bibles this story is called “Jesus Raises a Dead Girl.” This lesson includes age-appropriate learning activities and a simple Bible memory verse.

Bible Passage: Mark 5:21-24; 35-43
Bible Lesson Title: Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter
Target Age Group: 4-5 years old (preschool & Kindergarten)
Target Time Frame: 37 minutes
Original Teaching Context: Preschool Sunday School

Knowing Jesus through the Book of Mark: Lesson Sixteen (37 minutes)
Scripture: Mark 5:21-24; 35-43
Exegetical Idea: Jesus demonstrates His power over death and the importance of belief in Him.
Pedagogical Idea: Jesus is the only one who can save us because He alone has power over death; He desires for us to believe and trust in Him.
Cognitive Aim: Preschoolers will know Jesus is the only one who has power over death and can save us from our sin.
Affective Aim: Preschoolers will feel awe at the greatness of Jesus.
Behavioral Aim: Preschoolers will humble themselves before God in prayer.
Memory Verse: Psalm 8:9, “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!”
Lesson Overview

  1. Kindle Curiosity (5 minutes) Description: Put on Bible outfits, praise God through song. Supplies: Bible outfits, song Majesty by Michael W. Smith (link for YouTube video is in the detailed section below).
  2. God Revealed (15 minutes) Description: Experience the Bible story. Supplies: Bible, soft blanket
  3. Personal Pursuit (10 minutes) Description: Learn about humility and Jesus’ power over death. Supplies: Bible, soft blanket
  4. Daily Knowing (7-10 minutes) Description: Memorize Psalm 8:9. Supplies: Notecards with Psalm 8:9 written on them for the parents. On the back encourage the parents to pray with their child once this week in a position of humility.

**Before the children arrive, have the Bible outfits ready. Learn the simple lyrics to Michael W. Smith’s Majesty before teaching it to your preschoolers.
1. Kindle Curiosity (5 minutes)

  • After the children have put on their Bible times outfits, state: Today we are going to begin by learning a new song. It is very simple, and a very beautiful song that praises Jesus’ majesty. When we say “majesty,” we are talking about how great Jesus is. Our lesson today is going to demonstrate something great and majestic about Jesus. Let’s learn the song together now.
  • Song: Majesty by Michael W. Smith
  • State: Today our story comes from Mark chapter 5. The book of Mark is found in our Bibles. What is the Bible? (The Bible is God’s Word.) And so we know everything in it is….true!

2. God Revealed (15 minutes)

  • Bring all of them around on the floor. Sit together on a blanket. State: Last week, Jesus was on His way to help a man who’s 12 year old daughter was very sick. This man was Jairus. Jairus was a synagogue leader. A synagogue is a place where people went to learn everything about God and His Word. Most synagogue leaders thought of themselves as more important than everyone else. They were prideful, and most of them also did not believe Jesus. In fact, many of them hated Him.
  • State: But Jairus fell down at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to come and help his daughter. He did not care about his pride, but humbled himself before Jesus by falling at his feet. He was showing Jesus with his body how unimportant he was. He was showing humility. Can you say humility?
  • State: Jesus saw Jairus’ humility and began to follow him to his house. Let’s pretend we are walking to Jairus house with Jesus (lead them around the room as you talk)! On the way there, a woman touched Jesus’ robe and was healed from a disease. We learned about her last week. While Jesus was still speaking after healing this woman, men came from Jairus’ house and said, “Your daughter has died; why trouble the Teacher anymore?” Oh no! Do you think Jesus is too late? (Give time for them to respond.) Well, Jesus then told Jairus something very important. He said,  “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” Jesus wanted Jairus to have faith and believe in Him. Do you believe?
  • State: Jesus made everyone following Him stay behind except Peter, James, and John, three of His disciples. When they made it to Jairus’ house, they saw people loudly weeping and wailing.  It was probably very loud and very sad in this house. Jesus said to them, “Why weep? The child has not died, but is asleep.” The people laughed at Him. What would you have said to Jesus if you were those people? (Give time for response.) I think it is important that we continue to believe Jesus just like Jairus!
  • State: Jesus put them all outside of the house and took the Jairus, the mother, and Peter, James, and John inside. (You may want to choose a child to lay down and be the little girl and then act out this part with her.) They went into the child’s room. Jesus took her by the hand. He said to her “Talitha kum!” Can you say that with me? “Talitha kum!” It means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” Immediately the little girl got up and began to walk! And immediately everyone was completely amazed! Jesus gave them strict orders to not tell anyone about this. He also told them to give her something to eat.

3. Personal Pursuit (10 minutes)

  • Come back to the blanket. State: Even though most of the synagogue leaders did not follow Jesus or even like Him, Jairus had heard about Him and it gave him hope. He threw off all of his pride and threw himself at Jesus’ feet, a position that would show how unimportant he was (humility).  Jesus is so much greater than each of us! It is important that we realize how awesome and magnificent He is. One way we can show Him this is through laying ourselves down when we pray to Him. We do not have to do this every time we pray, but it helps us to remember how great He really is and how small we are. It is amazing that He loves each one of us so much when He doesn’t have to!
  • State: Jesus is the only one who has complete power over death. This little girl was dead, but Jesus brought her back to life. Before we believe and trust in Jesus, we are dead in our sins. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves. But Jesus, in His great love for each of us, can make us a live together with Him when we believe and trust in Him! Every human on earth will die one day. But if we believe in Jesus Christ, we are able to live forever with God after death!
  • State: Let’s pray together now with our faces on the floor to Jesus, showing Him how great and magnificent we believe Him to be!
  • If you have time, praise God again together with the song Majesty.

4. Daily Knowing (7-10 minutes)

  • State: Today we have come to know Jesus more in His complete power over death. His power shows to us His magnificence and helps remind us to be humble before Him. Today we are going to memorize Psalm 8 verse 9. The Psalms are found in the very middle of our Bibles (show them). This verse says, “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!” This verse will help us to remember how majestic Jesus is! Do you think we can memorize it together using hand motions?
  • Make sure you review with them the next week or when you have encounters during the week one-on-one. Remind the parents how important it is for them to help their children review their verses all throughout the week. Provide each parent with a notecard that has Psalm 8:9 written on it. On the back, encourage the parents to pray with their children once this week in a position of humility. You may also encourage them to make this a regular position of prayer. Be conscious of children who do not have parents who are believers and strive to communicate these things with them, along with encouraging them in their pursuit of Christ.

For more help browse our growing collection of preschool coloring pages. You will find there some that feature simple cartoon style drawings of Jesus you could use to re-tell this story.

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