The Sacrifice of Issac Bible Craft Ideas from Genesis 22

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Here is the full transcript of the video titled “Crafts Ideas: The Sacrifice of Isaac”:

“We have some more fun bible crafts today and they feature a story that’s sometimes strange to tell and definitely strange to craft but is an important reminder of the sacrifice that God made for us and how we can put God first in our lives. So we’re looking at the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis chapter 22 when God called Abraham to sacrifice his son to take his son who he loved and kill him and Abraham followed God’s directions but did not have to kill Isaac after all fortunately this one has a happy ending but also foreshadows God’s sacrifice of Jesus for us.

So the first craft we’re going to make is a sacrificial altar of sorts we’re gonna do this on a good old-fashioned paper plate and we’re going to make sort of a fire on top of it so I’m going to start out with my plate and I’ve got some pre-cut strips here to show the fire of the altar I’m also going to make a caption for this so we can see what’s going on so I’m going to say up on my plate we’ll give it a title the altar make sure that’s filled with an A and not an e e is to change Alters yeah you get altar of oh I just change instead of sacrifice Sacre spice so we know why we’re doing this culture of sacrifice writing on plates is difficult to begin with so here we go now I’m going to add some wood well I’m going to draw some wood you could do this you could make it with popsicle sticks or toothpicks if you wanted more actual woodiness I since I’m laying my fire on top of here I’m just going to use some markers and crayons to get the wood going and then of course fortunately in this case the wood didn’t happen to light on fire until later when we spotted a ram in the bushes that’s great but we get the um General feel it for it here now I’m going to add on my fire elements so I’ve got I’m just gonna throw some glue down here throw it down rub it all around glue everywhere then there we go I’m going to put my strips so I’ve got some strips of paper to show the flames I’ve also got a little bit of crepe paper here or you can use tissue paper to add to that flaming ambiance and just kind of crisscross zigzag these all the way around there we go it’s more Flames going there and then I’ll add my other caption here after a little more flaminess blaminess is certainly a word I’m sure of it and here I’ll add on a couple more Fire Sticks just for good measure so down here I’m going to write God spared Abraham’s Sun but not his own down here all right the reference Genesis 22 all right the Great gift and I’m gonna draw a little across so hmm and add that on with glue or staple or just some tape and we have our lovely fiery altar remember the great sacrifice that God gave us so that is craft number one.

Craft number two we’re going to look at the ram which was the substitution the animal that was able to be used instead of Isaac so Isaac didn’t have to die well Jesus is our substitution he is the great Lamb of God who died so we don’t have to die for our sins so that’s the idea that we’re looking at here and we’re going to start off with a piece of paper and we’re going to draw the outline of this Ram well sort of actually let’s start with I would love to call this a substitutionary atonement but that’s a little bit Advanced for young children so we’re just going to call this the rate sacrifice and then we’ll explain ourselves a bit here a ram

died instead of Isaac the lamb of God died instead of me then down here we’ll mark Genesis 22 and now we’ll draw our lamb Ram rather of course difference being that a ram is a male and your lamb is a female there’s your fun fact for the day so here’s my big fluffy Ram and I didn’t leave myself quite as much stream as I wanted for the horns but that’s okay we’ll make this happen so for my horns I’m going to first you need the eyeball and a smile well he shouldn’t really be smiling because he is about to be roasted over the Flames but that’s okay he’s smiling because he’s giving his life for someone else sort of so I’m gonna make my horns of this Ram out of a pipe cleaner I’m just gonna Bend some pipe cleaner into a curlicue shape not to be mistaken for antenna of course because we do the same thing when we make bugs but in this case it’s a ram horn so get that right there I’m going to tape it on and there we go again it’s going to make it slightly hard to see my lovely caption I’ll have to sort of angle his horns that way a little bit there we go now I’m going to cover this with cotton balls so that my Ram looks nice and fluffy and ramish and that glue stick there is on its last legs emptying for my backup glue here it’s all right we can use liquid glue as well there we go so we’ll blew this guy up and give him some fluff so here come my cotton balls all over everywhere if you would like you could hang this up add a pipe cleaner or a hanger of some sort or you could um threw a magnet on the back to hang it whatever you like that’s perfectly fine or just leave as is you can hang it on the fridge with a magnet so we have my nice fluffy Ram oh one more thing actually we’re going to add on a cross to remember that this is pointing the way in representing Jesus so I’m going to just add the cross over here I’m just gonna do a little crisscross with some popsicle sticks and there is and cross to go with my Ram to remember the sacrifice that was made for Isaac and even more amazing sacrifice that was made for us so two crafts to help share this sometimes challenging story that has a powerful and important meaning as well that it’s really about God’s love for us yes we put God first and we want to love him first and foremost as Abraham did and to be willing to sacrifice for him but more than that we value what he sacrificed for us so enjoy feel free to adapt rearrange use as you will hopefully these crafts can help you and to be a blessing to you and your ministry wherever and with whomever that might be so join us again we have new videos out every week go make some crafts make some disciples and have a great week see ya.”

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