The Light of the World: Craft Ideas for Being Protected by Christ’s Love (Matthew 2:13-23)

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Jesus is our hope, king, comfort, guide, and light! We know that God promises to guide and care for us when we listen to His voice, follow His word, and live in His love. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus remind us of this, too. We can focus on loving and serving Him in all things. These crafts reflect on how Christ is the light of the world and the light of our lives. A “Hidden in His Heart Hope Box” can be used for goals and prayer lists, or as a coin bank. A “Light of the World Lantern” creates a fun hanging paper lantern decoration to admire.

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Craft one: “Hidden in His Heart Hope Box”      

You will need:

  • Boxes or containers of some sort
  • Scissors
  • Markers and/or crayons
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Glue, tape, or stapler
  • Clothespins or popsicle sticks (optional)
  • Extra decorations as desired


  1. Decorate a box or container with various decorations as desired.  
  2. Add captions and verses, with special heart-shaped designs where appropriate.
  3. Cut strips of paper and note specific goals or hopes for the year.
  4. Add extra decorations as needed. Keep the box to recall hopes and look to the future for goals and dreams.

Craft Two: “Light of the World Lantern”

You will need:

  • Markers/crayons
  • Construction paper or card stock
  • Decorations (stickers, glitter, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • String or pipe cleaner


1. Fold a construction paper or cardstock piece in half.
2. Cut slits in the paper, carefully avoiding the edges of the paper.
3. Add verses or captions, and extra decorations as desired.
4. Open the paper, and twist it into a circular “lantern” shape. Staple the ends securely.   
5. Slightly bend the paper to resemble a lantern. Attach a yarn or string to hang and recount that Jesus is the light of the world!

Verses or Captions to Consider…  (Matthew 2:13-23)

God directs my path…

Jesus is the light of the world!

Hidden in His heart…covered by God’s love!

Hopes and dreams for the future…

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