8 Kids Activities Using Plastic Tablecloths

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8 Kids Activities Using Plastic Tablecloths
Plastic tablecloths are the most unappreciated tool in ministry. Every week, hundreds (if not thousands) of these handy items hit the shopping carts of busy children’s pastors, destined for a brief life in a Sunday School or classroom. This is something easy for any Vacation Bible School crew.
What would we do without them? They’re cheap, easy to toss and easy to use. They make cleaning up a craft area a cinch and they add pops of color to a classroom. Besides using them as a tablecloth, there are tons of things you can do with these plastic helpers. Have you tried all 8 of these sneaky ways to use plastic tablecloths in children’s ministry?

  1. Make a colorful (and cheap) backdrop for your stage. String thin rope at the top of the stage and hang plastic tablecloths from the rope using clothespins. Bunch up several to get a cool look.
  2. Create party pom-poms! Instead of tissue paper pom-poms, you can make sturdy ones with plastic tablecloths. Use them over and over again.
  3. Hang a bright background for a photo booth. Pin the tablecloth to the wall and tape letters or cut outs to the plastic. Kids can pose in front of it.
  4. Cover a boring bulletin board with a plastic tablecloth. This handy item makes a sturdy background for your posters and signs.
  5. Make streamers from plastic tablecloths. You need some florist wire shaped into circles. Next cut the tablecloths into long strips. Tie the strips to the wire and you have a fantastic streamer for a party decoration.
  6. Play the balloon and tablecloth game! Have four kids hold the four corners of the tablecloth. Put a balloon in the middle. The kids have to keep the balloon bouncing on the cloth while the praise music plays.
  7. Create your own “Twister” game. Use the plastic tablecloth as the background and glue construction paper circles to it, like a playing board.
  8. Whip up some quick costumes with these handy items. Cut out a neck hole for a quick tunic or a goofy dress.

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