Bath Time with Naamanā€¦Following Strange Instructions

            The story of Naaman is an interesting one, with a couple of quality take-away elements for children. The Bible tale itself has entertainment value for its odd Jordan River bathing and skin disease factor. But as a teaching tool it is also great to remind kids of the importance of being willing to follow Godā€™s instructions, even when they … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Trinity Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Use this free Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the Trinity. Use it in your children’s ministry or kids church to explain how God is three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is usually the most vague element of the trinity, and thus the most difficult to teach and understand. Yet its role is an … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Peace, Perseverance, and Heavenly Hopeā€¦All in Christ

  ā€œThatā€™s not fair!ā€ This is a common refrain heard by anyone who works with childrenā€¦kids want things to be just and are quick to let us know when they think theyā€™ve been dealt otherwise. But it is important to communicate that in some cases, we donā€™t want absolute fairnessā€¦this lesson reminds kids that Christ is the One who we … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Real Templeā€¦Jesus Reveals Himself

There are a couple of important principles evident in the story of Christ clearing out the temple of Jerusalem. For one thing, we see that Jesus demonstrated anger, which is no sinā€¦however, this was a justifiable anger, aimed at evil against the Lordā€™s house. Jesus did not have a temper tantrum; He was showing who He was. Jesus was the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free to be Freeā€¦Embrace it!

    It is quite a beautiful and blessed thing that we are able to enjoy freedom in Christ Jesus. But just what does this mean, and how do we take hold of it? It can be easy to forget or take for granted our sinful consequences and Heavenly redemption, but itā€™s important to consider daily the implications of the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Speak, Lordā€¦ A Lesson in Listening

  Our names are importantā€¦when they are called or spoken, we listen. Kids listen up for and appreciate their names. In the story of Samuelā€™s calling, we see a name used by God. When Samuel accepts that it is the Lord speaking, he listens to learn. In this lesson, students will consider how they can listen for God and follow … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Rise Upā€¦with Heavenly Strength!

  Who hasnā€™t at one point or another dreamed of flying? Not just going up in a plane or para-sailing, but mounting up with wings and soaring on the air like a birdā€¦surely it would be a marvelous experience, as we try to replicate it through sports and machines, and often describe euphoric feelings in terms of flight. These emotions … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Train your Brainā€¦Anything is Possible!

    The book of Philippians has quite a multitude of amazing truth nuggets and important elements. This lesson focuses on a passage in chapter four that reminds us of the best ways to live our lives and maintain contentment. Lesson Objective and Observation: Students will experience various spots of the passage, responding to each with words, pictures, or actions. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

God is Amazingā€¦and He is on our Side!

    Sometimes we think of the prophetic books as a mysterious foretelling or maybe a boring old irrelevant message. For kids especially, words of the prophets can seem confusing or abstract, but we lose some rich spiritual nourishment when we overlook these wonderful portions of the Old Testament. Isaiah, especially, has beautiful descriptions of the Lord, as well as … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Listen up and Obey! Parable in a Parableā€¦

  Parables can be tricky thingsā€¦after all, the whole point was to hide the truth somewhat within story, so it can be a challenge to locate and communicate the truth to kids of today. Yet Christā€™s stories are timeless. Not only were they relevant to the people of first century Jerusalem; they have modern-day extrapolations and explanations, if we are … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Whatā€™s that Smell? Becoming and Remaining the Aroma of Christ

  Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  It can evoke strong memories, warn of danger, or make someone swoon. It can be pleasant or nauseating and have varying nuances for different individuals. It provides flavor and environment understanding. It can be powerful, mild, pungent, sweet, mouthwatering, or tear-inducing. Smell is quite an amazing miracle, and carries a great deal of value for our lives, minds, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Reformation Explorationā€¦ Martin Luther for Little Ones

  With the 500th anniversary of the Reformation just around the corner, Protestant churches (especially Lutheran ones) are celebrating Martin Luther with all bells and whistles clanging. For adults and confirmand this is an exciting and fascinating commemoration of church history. For younger students, games, crafts, and activities can make things fun. But the youngest of church-goers can certainly also … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Tread with Loveā€¦ Appreciating our Fantastic Feet

  Sometimes we take for granted some of our most amazing features, and we forget how remarkably blessed our lives are because of Godā€™s handiwork. Many things can open our eyes anew to appreciate those blessings, and one in particular isā€¦.feet! These wonderful little tootsies of ours are quite a miracle as well as a necessity, and are actually mentioned … More Children’s Ministry Resources