God's Promise to David- 2 Samuel 7 (Sunday School Lesson)

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Title: God’s Promise to David
Scripture: 2 Samuel 7
Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade

Lesson Opening

Ask: Has someone ever made a promise to you? What was the promise? Did they keep it?
Say: People don’t always keep their promises, but you know who does? God! Throughout the Bible we read about many promises that God made to different people, and He always kept those promises. Our story today is about a promise God made to King David, and what’s really cool about this promise is that in some ways it was fulfilled in David’s lifetime, but in other ways God’s promise was kept throughout all eternity!

Tell the Story

Explain It (Book): This is where you school em!
Say: Our story comes from the Old Testament book of 2 Samuel. This is the book that tells the story of David’s life.
We have heard several stories from 2 Samuel already, including David being anointed as king, and David fighting Goliath. Last week we learned that Saul, Israel’s first king, was so jealous of David that he wanted to kill him!
Say: During a battle between Israel and the Philistines Saul and David’s friend Jonathan, Saul’s son, were both killed. David was finally free from Saul’s attempts to take his life, but he was still saddened by the news that they had died.
Say: God had strengthened David and given him victory over all his enemies. Finally there was peace in Israel and David settled into his palace. As he looked at all the splendor around him he said to Nathan the prophet, “How can I possibly go on living in such a beautiful palace while the ark of God stays in a tent on the outskirts of the city?”
Say: You see, David had brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem, but there wasn’t yet a place for it to rest permanently. So the Ark remained in a tent that David had set up for it.
Say: David wanted to build a house for God!
Ask: If you were to build a house for God, what would it look like? What would be inside?
Ask: Can any building or house truly contain God? Of course not! But David wanted to build a house, or a temple, where God’s presence would dwell and the people could worship the Lord. David wanted to honor God by building a temple.
Say: That night the Lord spoke to Nathan telling him what to say to David. God said, “During all the years that Israel traveled in the wilderness I never asked anyone to build me a house. My presence was with you and I traveled in a tent so that I could be near to you. But now I will establish my people in this land and they will have peace at last. I will make David’s name great and I will bless him greatly.”
Say: As God continued speaking He made an incredible promise to David. Let’s hear to God’s Word together, and as I read, listen for the promise that He made…
Read 2 Samuel 7:11a-16
The LORD declares to you that the LORD himself will establish a house for you: When your days are over and you rest with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, who will come from your own body, and I will establish his kingdom. He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever…Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.”
Ask: Did you hear the promise God made to David? What was it?
Say: God promised that even though David wouldn’t be the one to build a house for him, David’s son would. God also promised that there would always be someone from David’s family on the throne ruling over Israel!
Ask: If you were David and had just heard God promise all these wonderful things to you, how do you think you would feel? How would you respond to God?
Say: David responded by worshipping God. He was overwhelmed by God’s goodness toward Him and he prayed a prayer of thankfulness. Let’s read David’s response to God.
Read 2 Samuel 7:18-29 (portions)
Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? And as if this were not enough in your sight, O Sovereign LORD, you have also spoken about the future of the house of your servant. Is this your usual way of dealing with man, O Sovereign LORD?…. How great you are, O Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears…. And now, LORD God, keep forever the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house. Do as you promised, so that your name will be great forever. Then men will say, ‘the LORD Almighty is God over Israel!’
Connect it (Look): Apply it & Answer “How?”
Ask: Do you think God kept His promise to David? You bet He did! After David died his son Solomon became the next King over Israel. And just like God promised, Solomon built a beautiful temple for God. We’ll hear more about Solomon and the temple in a few weeks!
Ask: What was the other promise God made to David? (That someone from David’s family would always rule over Israel.)
Say: God also kept that promise!
Ask: Did you know that Jesus was David’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandson?
Say: Even though Jesus didn’t sit on a literal throne in Israel, Jesus is the King of kings! He is the ruler of the entire universe! God kept His promise to David by sending Jesus through David’s family. God’s promise is still being fulfilled even to this day, because Jesus is still the King over all creation.
Ask: Will there ever be a time when someone else becomes king instead of Jesus?
Say: No way! Jesus is our King forever. There is no one more powerful than Jesus, and we can praise Him because He is a good and perfect King in every way.
Ask: What are some reasons that Jesus is a good king?
Say: One thing that makes Jesus a wonderful King is that He truly loves and cares for us, His people. He cares so much for us in fact that He was willing to die for us. Apart from King Jesus we are totally separated from God because of our sin. But Jesus is such a kind and good king that He died on the cross so our sin could be forgiven. Jesus has made a way for us to be brought back to God! Now, whoever puts their faith in Jesus is part of His forever kingdom! God’s Kingdom isn’t just in heaven when we die. His kingdom is also here and now! We can live in God’s kingdom now by following Jesus.
Ask: What are some ways that we can be part of God’s kingdom? (Obey and love God, love God’s Word, care for others, share the gospel, etc.)
Say: We can thank God for inviting us to be part of His Kingdom by sending Jesus to be our forever King. Let’s pray and thank God now!

Review Questions

  • What did David want to build for God? (A temple)
  • Who did God use to tell David that he wouldn’t be the one to build the temple? (Nathan)
  • What was God’s promise to David? (David’s son would build a temple, and someone from David’s family would always be on the throne.)
  • Who is our forever King? (Jesus!)
  • What does this story teach us about God?


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