Lesson: Strong and Patient (The Book of James – Part 5)

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Strong and Patient (The Book of James - Part 5)
Waiting on God’s timing is hard, but a maturing Christian understands that patience is necessary for an increasing growth in the faith. In this fifth and final part of the Book of James series, “Strong and Patient” will outline the reasons and positive results of patience. Also, children will learn that we should be patient with others because God is patient with us!
This lesson is part of our five unit study on the book of James for Older Elementary children. Use the following links to navigate to the other sections ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVECOLORING PAGE
OBJECTIVE: To explain the reasons why patience is a necessary part of a strong believer’s faith and how our patience encourages and helps others.
MAIN IDEA: Having patience will lead to God’s blessings, provisions, and rewards. Also, we should be patient with others because God is patient with us.
SCRIPTURE PASSAGES: James 5:7-9 & 10-11, Job 42:10-17, 2 Peter 3:8-9, James 5:19-20
MATERIAL(S): white paper, pencils, crayons, markers, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle
Introduction (15 minutes)
OPENING PRAYER: “Lord, help us learn to be increasingly patient as you reveal your plan for our lives. Amen.”
Comment, “Today we are learning about becoming more patient so we can grow stronger in our faith. Reflect on a time when you had to be patient and then draw a picture of what happened.” Before moving on to the lesson, ask for a few volunteers to explain their drawing and what they learned about God through their experience.
Lesson (15 minutes)

  1. Say, “It can be so hard to be patient, but the book of James tells us that trusting in the Lord’s timing is a part of every strong, maturing Christian’s life.” Read James 5:7-9. Explain that having patience within God’s plan is much better than “grumbling” because negativity leads to God’s judgment. Talk about a time when your impatience lead to despair. Comment, “Just like a farmer waits for crops to grow, we must wait on the Lord if we want to experience the blessings of his provision.”
  2. Read James 5:10-11. Ask, “Who is used as an example in this passage (the prophets and Job)? Let’s turn to Job 42:10-17 to find out the results of Job’s patience.” After reading the passage, point out the incredible blessings that were in store for Job’s patience because of God’s “compassion and mercy.” Referring back to the children’s drawings, ask them to comment about the good results of their patience. Say, “We should never forget that our patience sets the example for others and encourages them to continue trusting God in the midst of difficulties.”
  3. Lastly, explain that a strong believer will not only be patient with God but patient with others. Read 2 Peter 3:8-9 and explain that this passage is specifically about being patient for Christ’s return. Ask, “Why is God patient with us (because he doesn’t want anyone to perish)? We should be patient with others because God is patient with us and because we want everyone we know to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Then read James 5:19-20 and ask for a volunteer to explain the main idea (patience with others is worth the struggle because helping others turn away from sin saves them from death). Explain a time when God asked you to be patient with someone so you could help them turn from sin. Say, “Having patience is hard work, but it is always worth it! Being patient with God and others gives us increasing strength as believers.”

“Puzzle Patience” Activity: (10 minutes)
Complete a jigsaw puzzle as a class to practice using cooperation and patience with others. Spread the pieces across a table so the children may spread out and work on sections of the puzzle. You may also consider bringing small treats or prizes for each child upon completion of the puzzle to remind them that there are rewards for patience.
Conclusion (5 minutes)
RECAP: Patience gives us a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this lesson series on the Book of James, we have also learned that being wise, active, kindly spoken, and humble are all a part of maturing in the faith.
CLOSING PRAYER: “God, give us patience, wisdom, servant-like actions, kind words, and humble hearts. Help us become stronger believers as we trust your unique plan for each of our lives. Amen.”

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