The Top 4 Myths About Children's Pastors

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Four Myths About Children's Pastors
Children’s pastors are like magical unicorns, strange creatures that are largely misunderstood — that is if you believe the myths about children’s pastors. Having been involved in children’s ministry for over 20 years I can assure you that I have heard just about everything. I am not offended by what I have heard just amused and slightly surprised. Perhaps you have heard some of these myths about children’s pastors.
#1: “Children’s pastors don’t need/want adult worship.
Although children’s pastors and volunteers find value in worshiping with children we are not children. Just like any other adult worshiper we also need to experience God’s presence and hearing His word taught on our own level. In my opinion, all churches should make it easy for children’s pastors to attend the adult service on a regular basis. (That is without begging and pleading. LOL)
#2: “Children’s ministers do not need curriculum.
After all, they are teaching children. Isn’t that easy?” I can answer that! Please pick me! We DO need curriculum. Most of us are not 9 to 5 ministry workers and therefore are not allowed the time that we would need to create our own curriculum. When our churches provide us with new material it affirms us. You show us that you care about us and our ministry when you give us the tools we need to teach children effectively.
#3: Children’s ministers do not know the Bible.
You could not be more wrong. Many children’s ministers have a deep knowledge of the word of God. To assume otherwise is to believe a common myth. I’ve have a counter argument. I believe to teach children you have to be able to understand, dissect and present God’s Word in simplistic form to children. That takes skill–and practice!
#4: Children’s ministers only relate to children.
That is also a myth. Although God assigned us to minister to children we have a desire to relate to adults as well. Although it is wonderful to spend time with kids on a regular basis we also like to sit at the adult table from time to time.
These are just a few of the myths people believe about children’s ministers and volunteers. What myths have you encountered in ministry?
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2 thoughts on “The Top 4 Myths About Children's Pastors”

  1. I think if you can teach the Bible to kids you can teach it to anyone else – and the opposite may not necessarily be true

  2. I believe some adults think they are too grown up to receive on a child like level. I get excited when I have a unique way of presenting a message to a child. I want to share it with adults but they tend to turn away. Don’t be afraid to listen in children’s church. You may get insight in a new way you hadn’t thought of before!

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