6 Reasons Why You Should Serve In Children’s Ministry

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In most churches, finding volunteers for children’s ministry is a constant struggle. Most children’s ministers spend hours recruiting for Sunday school, church nursery, vacation Bible school, and other ministry programs.
This shouldn’t be the case. If people really understood the spiritual blessings of serving God’s kids, we would have to start a volunteer waiting list. Children’s Ministry is one of the most important things your church will ever do. In this post I will share my 6 favorite reasons why people should minister to children.

Why You Should Serve In Children’s Ministry

1. Children are important to God.

I don’t know about you, but I want to serve in ways that matter most to God. There is no question about God’s attitude toward children. The Bible tells us that kids are a blessing from God. While Jesus was on earth, he made a point to welcome children and to affirm their value. He even talked about punishment for anyone who would abuse a child. Make no mistake, kids matter to God. If God’s priorities matter to you, then you should serve in Children’s Ministry.

2. Serving in Children’s Ministry multiplies your efforts long-term.

There are few ministry opportunities that allow you to impact the future is such a direct way. When you love and teach kids this Sunday, you are also influencing generations to come. These children will one day become parents and church leaders themselves. If you want to change the world long-term, then you should serve in Children’s Ministry.

3. Reaching children should be a top priority for the church.

It’s been proven that most people who will come to Christ do so when they are young. The childhood years are the years of greatest opportunity for the Gospel. Unfortunately, many churches don’t make the most of what God has given them. If you want to see people come to Christ, then you should serve in Children’s Ministry.

4. Serving children will build humility into your character.

Too often, those who work hard in the church nursery or Sunday school are not given credit for their service. “Out of sight out of mind,” is the way most churches operate. While this can be discouraging, I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Like so many other acts of service done quietly, the rewards come in heaven. But in the here-and-now, I am glad for a humble place to serve.

5. Serving kids will make you a more patient person.

Children’s Ministry is unpredictable and even the best plans can be torpedoed by a disruptive child. This is another blessing in disguise, working with kids will teach you patience. Where else can you gain this excellent fruit of the Spirit in as little as one hour each week?

6. The #1 qualification is love.

As a young Christian, I discovered that many avenues of church service were beyond my abilities. You may never sing a solo or preach a sermon in church, but God wants you to find a place of ministry. Serving in the Children’s Ministry is open to almost all Christians. If you love God and his children, then there are many different ways for you to help.

I hope this post has been an encouragement to you. Please feel free to share this with volunteers in your Children’s Ministry too.

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