Very Smart Questions From Elementary Aged Kids Sunday School

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Timmy Brister posted some great questions that originated from the kids in his church. I know a little about his church from the Kids Bible Memory System they’ve produced. But I’m still impressed with their deep theological thinking. I guess it just shows that kids do want to talk about big God questions.
Here are the questions he listed:

1.  How do you know that God is real?
2.  Why did God talk to us back then but not now?
3.  What is baptism?
4.  Where do babies go if they are not Christians?
5.  How was God God when there was no people?
6.  How do people get to heaven if they have problems with their brain?
7.  Why did Jesus say to Simon Peter do you love me  when he knows everything?
8.  Did God really make everything in six days?
9.  Would it be sin if you killed someone to save another person’s life?
10. How do we know that Jesus is alive?

He also listed some more humorous questions, but you’ll have to check out his blog to read those!

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