"Names of Jesus" Acrostic Printable JESUS with Bible Verses

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JESUS Acrostic Printable with Bible Verses
We are coming up on the Christmas season and we all are going to be working on Christmas lessons during the whole month of December. One thing that I like to go over with my class are the different names of Jesus. He is called so many things throughout scripture that really point to who He is. I have created this acrostic poem, using the name of Jesus, and filling it in with other names that He is called.

J – Jesus Name Above Every Name
E – Everlasting Father
S – Son of God
U – Undefiled High Priest
S – Savior
I have put a Bible verse next to each name of Jesus so that it can also be a great little study to do with the children in your classes. There are verses from the Old and New Testaments to show your children that Jesus is talked about throughout the entire Bible, not just in the Gospels.
You could then have the children make their own acrostic about Jesus. You can have them write phrases that start with the letters in the name of Jesus. For example: J – Jerusalem was the city that He traveled to, E – Eternity is secure because of Him, S – Sacrifice, etc. I hope you and your class will enjoy this acrostic about the names of Jesus.

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