Teaching Kids to Know Jesus More

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Teaching Kids to Know Jesus Better
When I first began my work in children’s ministry nearly two decades ago, I had one mission: tell kids that Jesus loved them. Over the years, I have tried my best to stay true to that original mission but my secondary purpose is to help my kids know Jesus more. You see, eventually, they will need to know God themselves and not simply through me or Mom or Dad.
Knowing Jesus comes through maturity in the Lord but we can help kids along by teaching them practical, yet spiritual ways to get to know Jesus.
Here’s what the Bible recommends.
Imagine him. “I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” Psalm 77:12  One way to get to know Jesus better is to think about him. I like to imagine what he might smell like or look like. What his heartbeat would sound like if I laid my head on his chest. Thinking about these things helps me to know him more.
Talk to him. When you talk to Jesus every day, he comes around more! It’s true! It’s called praying but you can talk to him when you are walking, standing or riding in a car. You can talk to him with your mouth or with your mind. He’s always there, ready to listen.
Tell him you love him. Jesus loves it when you tell him you love him and mean it. He has deep feelings and emotions. He can feel love in a very powerful way. Don’t just sing “Jesus Loves Me” but say to him, “I love YOU Jesus!”
Read about him. Spend time reading the Bible if you want to get to know Jesus. The stories in the New Testament are true stories and many of them are the miracles Jesus did when he was on the earth. Read a verse or two every day!
Look for him. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” On this seeking part, Jesus promises that if you make up your mind to look for him, you will find him. When you’re riding in the car, look up at the sky and ask in your heart, “Are you there, Jesus?” When you go to bed at night and you feel afraid, ask in your heart, “Are you there, Jesus?” When we do that, he promises to appear.
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