"My Pet Sin" Bible Object Lesson for Kids (Song of Solomon 2:15)

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"My Pet Sin" Bible Object Lesson for Kids (Song of Solomon 2:15)
I have a confession to make. I don’t often teach children from the Song of Solomon but I love one particular scripture. Here’s the verse I’m talking about:

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. Song of Solomon 2:15

It’s not only wonderfully descriptive, it’s an accurate depiction and warning of how the small sins (foxes) can ruin the vine. Now in John 5:5, Jesus declares himself to be the vine and we are his branches but we’re all connected. Let’s not ruin the larger body by allowing the foxes to run wild. Show kids what the verse means with this object lesson. To teach it, you’ll need a few supplies.
Supply List

  • A small stuffed animal, like a cat or dog
  • A leash
  • A collar
  • Pet grooming brush
  • Pet snacks
  • Water bowl

Put them all in your teaching area. Put the leash and collar on the animal and arrange the other items just as if you were caring for a real pet.
Let’s Teach
I want you to meet my new pet. I call her Sin. What do you think about that name? (Let kids respond.) She started out really smart, (pretend to give her a treat) but I’ve been growing her. When I first got her, my Sin was this big. (Make your hands into a small circle.) She began life as a small lie and I never repented so my Sin got bigger and bigger. (Now walk your pet around.) I like to think I have my Sin under control, that’s why I put a leash and a collar on her. Maybe then, she won’t bite me again because she’s bit me a few times before. Like this, watch. (Pretend to put your hand near her mouth and snatch it away like she was about to bite you.) Phew! That was close.
Once in a while I like to dress up my Sin. (Brush her hair.) It makes me feel like she’s super cute even though she’s not really all that nice. “Come on Sin, let’s walk some more.” (Walk the animal around the room.) Uh oh. Looks like she’s on the hunt. She must smell other pet Sins around here. I hope she won’t find any. (Put the stuffed animal away.)
Okay, I know I made Sin look cute but she’s not. Not at all. In fact, the verse I read you in the beginning about the little foxes spoiling the vine, that’s what I’m talking about. Having a secret sin, is not good because it can spoil a good life. You can’t pet sin. You can’t control it, even if you can keep it a secret for a little while. So what do you do?
Repent of your sins. Tell God you know you sinned and ask Him for help. He will help you conquer sin and you’ll never have to be ashamed again.
You can do it!
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  1. Thank you so much for providing this picture-lesson for small small ones. This is just a small FYI that the Song of Solomon lesson has a reference to Jesus being the vine, and there was a typo. It is written “John 5:5” but the correct reference is John 15:5–easy to miss that 1!

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