3 Spring Funday Sundays for Children's Church

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kidmin-funMaybe “funday” isn’t an actual word but it should be! How else can you describe the following three spring fun days? I do love a theme–themes get people excited about attending church and that’s not just the kiddos. Looking for some exciting spring funday Sunday themes? Maybe these ideas will get you started.
The Cat in the Hat
Schools aren’t the only groups that can use this theme. Any Seuss story would probably work but if you stick to the Cat in the Hat, you’ll probably have an easier time of finding decorations. Implement Thing One and Thing Two into a lesson about the two greatest commandments according to Jesus (Matthew 22:36-40). You could say something like, “Jesus wants us to remember “thing one” and “thing two.” Do you know what those are?”
Thing One is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”Thing Two is to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
You could have a field day with the Cat in the Hat!
Follow the Rainbow
It’s a simple theme but you could do a ton with a rainbow funday Sunday! Arrange balloons by color in the entryway area. Colored paper plates make great wall decorations when arranged in a rainbow shape. Have mini Mason jar gifts to send home filled with colored candies in them, like Skittles. Place some golden chocolate coins in the bottom of the jar and then add all the greens, the blues, and so on! Your teaching focus could be to encourage kids to seek God whenever they see a spring rainbow. He’s the real prize! You could also teach kids about God’s promise to never flood the earth again.
Creepy Crawly Funday
Break out those gummy worms and plastic bugs! If possible, hire a reptile petting zoo. We did this one year and the kids loved the giant turtle and tiny alligators (in containers). I asked the reptile guy to leave the snakes at home. We used the creepy crawly theme all month long and ended the month with our party. Bugs are featured prominently in the bible from the ant to the butterfly. Spring is the perfect time to bring the wonder of creation to kids.
I’m sure you’ve got some great spring theme ideas. Care to share them?
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