Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:17) Preschool Sunday School Lesson

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Jesus Baptism Lesson for Preschool Bible Class This lesson is designed for preschool aged kids to teach them about the baptism of Jesus. This lesson is ideal for Sunday School or Kid’s Church, but it can also be used at home or in a daycare type setting.
Objective: To teach children about the baptism of Jesus
Targeted Age Group: Preschool
Game: Water Fun! Fill a large Rubbermaid box with water and put sponges, rubber ducks, and other bath-toys into the box. Have the kids play with the toys in the water. You can find even more water games for kids on our website.
Worship: (Please note: if you do not have a version of these songs you can find them on YouTube)

  • Down by The Riverside
  • When I am Baptized
  • Jesus Loves Me

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you so much that we can come together today and learn about you. We pray that our hearts can know you. Help us to have fun today with each other and give us listening ears to hear that story you have prepared for us. We love you Jesus. Amen!
Story Reinforcement: To keep the kids engaged have a duck puppet and tell the story from the perspective of the duck.
Story: Quack, quack, who is ready to hear a story from the Bible today? My name is Ducky and I am going to tell you a story from a very long time ago. It all began with a man named John, John was a messenger from God. It was John’s job to tell people that Jesus was coming! Now John was a bit of a funny guy, quack, he lived in the desert and ate bugs and honey! John would baptize people to prepare their hearts for Jesus. Does anybody know what baptism is? (give them time to answer). Baptism is a way of showing people that you love Jesus, the way you get baptized is by getting dunked under water. When you are older you can choose to get baptized too!
Quack, one day a man came walking towards the water where John was baptizing people, and God spoke to John, “This is Him,” God said. Jesus came to John and asked John to baptize Him. When John baptized Jesus a bright light appeared from heaven and dove flew down. Then God spoke again, “This is my Son, I love my Son. Please listen to my Son.”
God said in the Bible:

and behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17, ESV)

This was the beginning of Jesus’ work, Jesus was going to save all people who believe in Him, including you and me, quack.
Activity: Take the kids outside to play with Bubbles, (If the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside paint with watercolors inside).
Snack Suggestion: Apple slices with honey and juice.

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