Let Us Pray – Bible Lesson for Children

Preschool aged boy praying.

Prayer is an important part of a believers’ life, it is how we talk and listen to our God! Prayer is how we express ourselves, it is where we seek comfort, and it is a precious time with our savior who loves us. This lesson is designed to teach children how to pray using The Lord’s Prayer. This lesson will … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving Devotional for Families

This devotional is designed for the family and can be done on Thanksgiving or around Thanksgiving. The objective of this devotional is to teach children to thank God for all of the things that they are thankful for. Pre-Devotional Questions: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? (Answer: Because of the good harvest) Who should we thank at Thanksgiving? (Answer: God) Why … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Seek Thee (Family Devotional)

Seek Thee is a family devotional designed to connect God’s creation to the Bible. This devotional would be perfect for summer and/ or a camping trip. It focuses on one verse and helps the kids put it into action.  Activity One: As a family wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. The kids would find it fun to sit … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Halloween (church event for the family)

This Halloween event is designed to create a family-friendly, safe, fun environment where the kids can enjoy Halloween while learning that with God they do not need to be afraid!  Invitations: Give each family in your church an invitation in advance to celebrate Halloween at the church. Ask that each family dresses up as characters from their favorite Bible story. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Trick-Or-Treat (Halloween Devotional for the Family)

Family Devotion to use on Halloween This devotional is designed for families to be used on the night of Halloween. Halloween can be a scary time for children and so this devotional focuses on the fact that we can trust Christ in all situations. Happy Halloween and have fun trick-or-treating! Pre-Devotional Questions: What is your favorite part of trick-or-treating? Does … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving (Preschool Sunday School Lesson)

family Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year where families get together and celebrate good food, family, and another year of harvest. This Sunday School lesson is designed to teach children about how God is the one who provides the food and the harvest. This lesson will be best utilized in a Sunday School or Kid’s Church setting however it … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Psalm 23 Bible Lesson for Kids

This lesson introduces the Psalms to children. This lesson is designed to teach children how David worshiped God by using the Psalms that he wrote. The ideal use of this lesson would be in a Sunday School or Kid’s Church setting. Objective: To introduce children to the Psalms and teach them about worshipping God Targeted Age Group: This lesson is … More Children’s Ministry Resources