God's Promise (Noah and the Ark) Preschool Lesson from Genesis 9

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God's Promise (Noah and the Ark) Preschool Lesson
This preschool Bible lesson is designed to teach kids about the promise, God, made in the story of, Noah, and the Ark. This lesson was created for a Sunday School or Children’s Church setting, but it can also be used at home.
Objective: This lesson is designed to teach kids that God loves them and has made a promise to never flood the whole earth again.
Targeted Age Group: Preschool
Game: Hide-And-Seek-Animals. Before the kids arrive hide stuffed animals all over the room. Tell the kids that there are animals hiding and it is their job to find all of them!
Worship: (Please note: if you do not have a version of these songs you can find them on YouTube)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you very much for all of the kids in our class and thank you that you are here with us. Open our hearts to learn about Noah’s Ark and the promise you made. Bless our mommies and daddies as they are learning in big church. We love you, Jesus! Amen
Story Reinforcement: Have a sheep puppet and read the story from the perspective of the sheep.
Story: Hello boys and girls, you are all dressed so nicely in your Sunday-best! My name is, Sheepy, and I am SO excited to tell you one of my favorite stories today! This story took place a VERY long time ago in the first book of the Bible, Genesis! During this time people started to forget about, God, and they start acting very bad. This made, God’s, heart very, Very, VERY sad. Can you show me what a sad face looks like? (give them time to make sad faces). BUT, there was one man in all of the land who still loved, God, this man’s name was, Noah.
God, decided that it was time to make things right again, and so, God, told, Noah, to make an ark. Does anybody know what an ark is? (give them time to answer). An Ark is a big boat. When, Noah, was all finished building the big boat, God, told him that he needed to fill it with animals. Noah, filled it with little mice, big elephants, barking doggies, and fluffy sheep just like me! What are some of your favorite animals? (give them time to answer). Guess what, all of those animals went onto the big boat too!
Once the boat was full of animals it started to rain, and Rain, RAIN. It rained SO much that the whole earth was full of water, we call this a flood. Can anybody guess how long it rained for? (give them time to answer). It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, that is a very long time. Finally, the rain stopped and, Noah, sent a bird out of the window each day to find dry land. One day the bird did not come back and, Noah, knew that it was time to leave the boat.
The first thing, Noah, did when he left the boat was to thank God for saving him and the animals from the flood. God, made a promise to, Noah. God, promised, Noah, that He would never, Ever, EVER, flood the whole world again. To show this promise, God, put a rainbow into the sky.
God says in the Bible:

I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. (Genesis 9:13, ESV).


  1. What was the name of the man who loved, God? (Answer: Noah)
  2. What is an ark? (Answer: a big boat)
  3. What did, God, put in the sky after the flood? (Answer: a rainbow)

Application: Every time that you see a rainbow remember that, God, loves you very much. God, loves you SO much that He promised to never, Ever, EVER flood the whole world again.
Craft: Put fruit-loops onto string to create a rainbow necklace.
Snack Suggestion: Animal crackers and juice

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