15 Amazing Christian Easter Songs for Kids (with Music Videos)

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Your heart will melt when you hear the children singing praise to God this Easter morning. Use this video playlist with our favorite songs for Holy Week 2019.

YouTube video
Easter Songs for Kids

We’ve listed all the names on our original Kids’ Easter Songs post.

Sing Along Preschool Songs for Easter

Download these simple songs for toddlers or preschoolers to sing for Easter. They follow familiar tunes so no special music talent is required!

Easter Time (Sing to Jungle Bells Tune)

Easter time, Easter time, We have so much to do.

Time for bunnies, time for eggs, But time for Jesus too.

Oh, Easter time, Easter time, Jesus showed His love,

He died for us and rose again. He’s with the Lord above.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me! this I know, For the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to Him belong;

they are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!

The Bible tells me so.

Jesus Taught Us How to Pray (Sing to the Tune of Jesus Loves Me)

Jesus taught us how to pray, to God our Father everyday; Morning, noon, and night-Β­?time, too, we can pray and so can you. Yes, we can pray! Yes, we can pray!

Yes, we can pray; to God through-Β­?out the day.

Here Comes Jesus (Sing to Tune of Three Blind Mice)

Here comes Jesus, Here comes Jesus Let’s Praise Him, Let’s Praise Him Wave our branches and sing Hosanna to the king

Let’s praise Jesus, Let’s Praise Jesus


Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Sa-Β­?a-Β­?nna Ha, Ha, Ha, lle-Β­?lu-Β­?uiah

He, He, He, He, Sa-Β­?aved Me I’ve got the joy of the Lord!

God’s Gifts (To the tune of “Mary had a Little Lamb”. )

God the Father gave a gift; Gave a gift, gave a gift; Jesus, God’s Son, is the gift; The bible tells me so.

Mother, Father, family, Friends Who care lovingly;

They are gifts God gave to me; The Bible tells me so.

Jesus gave His life for me; On the cross willingly;

So my Savior He could be; The Bible tells me so.

Here are two songs from Cullen’s Abc’s that would be helpful in a preschool Sunday School class around Easter. These children’s songs are simple and have hand motions to help the preschoolers stay involved. Watch the video demonstrations below to learn the songs. She uses real sign language for Jesus during these Easter songs.

Dear God We Love You Song

YouTube video

Jesus Dies For All The Children Song

This song for Easter is a modified version of “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” It could be used as a second verse or it’s own song.  You can always find more ideas directly from Cullen’s YouTube channel.

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