"Super Fruit" Free VBS Curriculum from Galatians 5

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This Vacation Bible School is designed to teach children about the Fruit of the Spirit found it Galatians Five. If you have a small group of children it is suggested that you keep them together as a group the whole time. If you have a large group of children it is suggested that you only keep them together for the introduction and worship; then you break them into age groups and have them rotate through activities. This VBS was designed for five half-days.
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This series of Bible lessons would also be ideas for a 5 week series in Sunday School or Kids Church. Don’t miss all our free resources for teaching the fruit of the Spirit.

Super Fruit VBS – Day One

This is just a sample, to get the other five days please use the download links above.
Introduction and Worship
Host says: Welcome to the first day of our Super Fruit Vacation Bible School! Who is excited? (Wait for them to answer). We are SOOOOO happy to have all of you here to join us today! Does anybody know what the fruit of the spirit are? (Wait for them to answer). The fruit of the spirit are different areas that we grow in when we focus our attention on Jesus. Today we are going to learn about two of these fruit, love and joy. Does anybody know what love is? (wait for them to answer). Love is when we care about a person very deeply, our mom’s and dad’s show us love by giving us hugs, but we can also show love in other ways. We can show love to our friends by sharing our toys, we can show love to our neighbors by cleaning up the block, and we can show love to Jesus by worshipping Him! Does anybody know what joy is? (wait for them to answer). Joy is like happiness, but it feels like it is bubbling from within. We can express our joy by worshipping Jesus! Who is ready to worship Jesus today? I AM!
Worship: (Please note: if you do not have a copy of these songs you can find them on YouTube)

  • Every Move I Make
  • Who is the King of the Jungle?
  • Fruit of the Spirit

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you so much for who you are, thank you for being an awesome God. We pray that our hearts can be open to know you and to dig deep into your word. We pray that we can learn and grow in the fruits of the spirit while having fun. Help this week to plant seeds in our lives. Bless everybody who is here today. Amen.
Skit and Indoor Activity
Characters for the Skit:

  • Stanley – a young boy who knows how to get himself into trouble
  • Stacey – Stanley’s tattletale little sister
  • Parker – Stanley’s good friend
  • Old-Man-Billy

(Stanley and Parker are playing outside in the backyard)
Stanley: Parker, I’m board, let’s do something else
Parker: What do you have in mind Stanley?
Stanley: Hmm, I have an idea, let’s throw rocks into Old-Man-Billy’s backyard to see how long it takes him to notice.
Parker: I don’t know, I feel like this is a bad idea, Stanley.
Stanley: Oh come on, Parker, are you scared?
Parker: I’m not scared; I just don’t think Old-Man-Billy would like us throwing rocks into his yard.
Stanley: It’s only a game! (Stanley picks up a rock and throws it over the fence)
(Stacey comes on scene)
Stacey: I saw that and I’m going to tell Old-Man-Billy what you did!
(Stacey skips over to Old-Man-Billy’s yard)
Parker: Great, your little sister saw you, now we are both in trouble!
Stanley: RUN!!
(Old-Man-Billy sticks his head over the fence)
Old-Man-Billy: Hey! You boys stop right there!
(Stanley and Parker turn around)
Parker: It wasn’t me, I swear!
Old-Man-Billy: I want both you boys to come over here. I can see that you are board, so I have something for you boys. BUT, first Stanley needs to come receive that rock that he threw.
(Stanley and Parker look worried and start to shake. Stanley walks over and picks up the rock).
Old-Man-Billy: Here you go boys! (Old-Man-Billy hands Stanley a football).
Stanley and Parker: Thanks!!!
Stacey: Why would you give them a football when they were being mean?
Old-Man-Billy: Well, Stacey, I gave it to them because the Bible tells me in the Book of Matthew chapter five and verse 44 to love my enemies and to pray for them. It also says in the book of James chapter one and verse two that I should consider it joy when I face trials.
Stacey: Why would the Bible say that?
Old-Man-Billy: Well I guess it is because I get the opportunity to share Jesus even when others are not being kind. Did you know that Jesus loved us so much that even when we sinned he chose to die so that we could be forgiven?
Stacey: Jesus died?
Old-Man-Billy: Yes, but don’t worry, that wasn’t the end of the story. Jesus rose from the dead and defeated death so that someday we can go to heaven. All we need to do is believe in Jesus and ask for forgiveness.
Stanley: Do you think Jesus could forgive a person like me?
Old-Man-Billy: Of course! You just need to ask him.
Stanley: How do I do that?
Old-Man-Billy: Well, fold your hands and close your eyes and just talk to God like you would talk to a friend, tell Him that you are sorry.
(Stanley closes his eyes and folds his hands)
Stanley: Hi God, it’s me Stanley, I did something bad today… I threw a rock into Old-Man-Billy’s yard. I know that I shouldn’t do bad things, and I am REALLY sorry, please forgive me. Amen!
(end skit)
Host Says: Did you enjoy that skit today boys and girls? (wait for them to answer). Stanley wasn’t very kind to Old-Man-Billy, but Old-Man-Billy chose to love Stanley anyways. Old-Man-Billy knew that with Jesus he could be full of joy despite how Stanley was behaving. It was because of the love and the joy that Old-Man-Billy had that Stanley was able to learn about Jesus and was able to ask Jesus for forgiveness. What an amazing experience!
Indoor activity: The trust game: have the kids fall backwards into the arms of their leader. Tell the kids that Jesus loves them SO much and they can trust Jesus just like they are trusting their leader to catch them.
This will be a continual craft; each day you give the kids one of two different foam-fruits to paint/ decorate/ glitter (mattering how many fruit they are learning about that day). If you are unable to find foam fruit, then it is suggested that the leaders create paper-mache fruit in advance for the kids to paint/ decorate/ glitter. Write: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control, on each of the fruit as they learn about them. Give each of the children a basket to keep/ take their fruit home in. Their craft stays at the church until the end of the week when it is finished.
Small-Group, Snack, Down-Time
 Small-Group leader says: Today we are learning about love and joy, let’s see what the Bible has to say about love. Read: Matthew 22:34-40. God wants us to love Him and to love the each other. Let’s brainstorm some idea of how we can love God, (as they give you ideas write them down). Now let’s brainstorm some ideas of how we can love others, (as they give you ideas write them down). This is great, we have come up with some many amazing ideas! Now let’s see what the Bible says about joy. Read: Romans 15:13. This means that the more we trust and believe in Jesus, the more we are filled with joy. This happens because God is the source of joy.
Snack Suggestion: Each day give the kids a different fruit and juice
Down-time: Give the kids coloring pages or activity sheets based on the fruit of the spirit. (You can find free coloring pages and activity sheets on Pinterest).
Outside Activity
Don’t break the balloon: Splits the kids into teams of two and give each team a water balloon. Get the kids to gently toss the balloon to each other and with each toss they take a step backwards. The last team to have their balloon break is the winner. (mattering how much time you have you can play this game several times).

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