Seek Thee (Family Devotional)

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Fun Ideas for the Family During Autumn
Seek Thee is a family devotional designed to connect God’s creation to the Bible. This devotional would be perfect for summer and/ or a camping trip. It focuses on one verse and helps the kids put it into action.
 Activity One: As a family wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. The kids would find it fun to sit outside in the pajamas with blankets and pillows. As a family talk about what you see, talk about the beauty of the sun rising and about the colors it brings. Ask the kids what their favorite part of the sunrise is. Talk about how God is painting the sky.

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee, (Psalm 63:1A)

Devotional: God is amazing, he created this whole world and everything in it. God is good, He is kind, and He is awesome. God painted the colors of the sunrise into the sky, He is the one who makes day and night. Isn’t God amazing? God is perfect and we are so privileged to have a perfect God. We should always seek the LORD; do you know what seek means? (give them time to answer). Seek means that you desire, or ask for, or look for God. We seek the LORD because He is our God and He is worthy of being praised. When we wake up the first thing we should do is seek the LORD.

  1. Why is the sunrise so special? (Answer: Because God created it)
  2. How did we seek God today? (Answer: We admired His sunrise and read a verse from the Bible).
  3. How else can we seek God?

Prayer: Dear LORD, thank you for the sunrise and thank you that we can get together as a family to seek you early in the morning. Give us eyes to always admire and see the beauty in your creation and give us hearts to seek you all the days of our lives. We love you LORD and we praise you; forgive us our sin. Amen
Activity Two: Each member of the family can water-paint a picture of the sunrise. Play worship music in the background to created an environment focused on God.

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