Choose Joy (Week 3) Devotions from Philippians

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This devotional guide is one part of our larger series based on the book of Philippians. Click here to browse all the guides in this series. You can also leave a comment below to share your ideas with other readers.
[print_link] a copy of this for each child or adult participating in the study. We recommend they also have a personal notebook for the study.

Day One: Read Philippians 2:12-16

1. From verse 12 what did the Philippians do when Paul was present and when he was absent?

2. Do you only obey when others are watching you? How is your obedience (whether someone is watching or not) affected when you remember that God is always watching you?

3. Read Matthew 7:24 and James 1:22-24. What two things are important for every believer?

Note: You work out your salvation when you hear God’s words and put them into practice.

4. What has God told you to do that you need to put into practice? (If nothing comes to mind, stop right now and pray that God would show you what He is asking you to do and when He shows you write it down and pray for Him to help you to do what He says.)

Day Two: Read Philippians 2:12-16

5. Fill  in the blanks: Do _______ things without _______________ and ________________.

6. What do you complain about? Will you ask God to forgive you for complaining and put this verse into practice?

7. Memorize Philippians 2:14.

Day Three: Read Philippians 2:12-16

8. What should God’s children be doing in the corrupt culture we live in (verse 15)?

9. How is your life any different than the culture you live in?

10. How much time did you spend in God’s Word this week?

Day Four: Read Philippians 2:17-18

11. What was Paul’s attitude and what did he want the Philippians to do as well?

12. Take some time to thank God for His blessings to you. What difficulties in your life will you thank Him for?

Day Five: Read Philippians 2:19-24

13. Who do you know that desires to live a Godly, Christian life?

14. Would others say that you are focused on Christ or on yourself?

Day Six: Read Philippians 2:25-30

15. From verse 29 what did Paul tell the Philippians to do for Epaphroditus?

16. Name some people you know who have been servants of Christ for you and have served you by teaching you and leading you to Him?

17. How can you honor those who have served Christ in your life?

18.What was the most meaningful thing you learned from these passages?

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