"Baskets of Love" Bible Object Lesson for Kids (Luke 7:47)

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"Baskets of Love" Bible Object Lesson for Kids (Luke 7:47)
Remember this verse? I do! So many times I’ve felt like the woman described her. Before I encountered Jesus, I was a chronic sinner so I can relate to this. And Jesus’ words here encourage me.

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven–as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” Luke 7:47 NIV

What a wonderful verse to share with children! All you need to illustrate it is a bunch of baskets! Grab a few and enjoy!
Supply List

  • Baskets of different sizes

Prepare to Teach
Arrange the baskets on your teaching table.
Let’s Teach
I have a verse I want to share with you! Who can turn to Luke 7:47 first? When you get there stand up and said, “Hallelujah!” (Wait for everyone and encourage kids to help one another. I often give reminders about where to find the verse. For example, I’ll say, “It’s in the New Testament!”)
Great! Now that we are all there, let’s read it underwater! (Kids read the verse while rubbing their fingers over their lips.)
Now let’s read it super fast. How about super slow? (Read the verse again.)
Okay, okay. Everyone can settle down now. I think we’ve got it. Have a seat guys.
I’ve got few things to show you today. See these? This is part of my basket collection! I love baskets because I’m always looking for something to stash stuff in. Even the smallest one is valuable to me. I use them to hold books, towels, CDs. Do you use baskets in your home? If so, raise your hand.
Did you know that inside of each of us is a kind of basket? It’s the place where God’s love goes! Yep, it’s true. In the verse we read, Jesus was telling this friends that people who sin much and are forgiven much have the ability to hold a lot of God’s love.
Does that mean we should sin more to be forgiven more? Of course not! But, it does mean that people who live very sinful lives can become very loving when they receive God’s forgiveness. Even a kid can be forgiven for much.
And like these baskets, we all have different capacities to love and serve God. People who are forgiven of many sins have a great love for God. I want you to look at all these baskets. Very quietly and without talking, ask God which basket you are. If you are a small basket, ask him to make you a bigger one. Ask him to show you your sins and when he does, repent! We can all make more room for God and his love!
You can do it!
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