BOLT VBS is back for 2021 with a new 80s Theme

BOLT virtual VBS 2021

We were big fans of the super user-friendly virtual VBS from Go Curriculum last year. Churches found their plug and play format incredibly useful for Vacation Bible School at home. David and his team are bringing back the BOLT format with an all new curriculum for VBS in 2021. It’s called “Bolt Totally 80’s VBS.” Hold onto your mullet, we’re … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Focus" VBS from Orange

Focus VBS from Orange Curriculum

“Focus” is the new VBS theme from Orange curriculum. Last week at the Children’s Pastors Conference, I got a chance to talk with the people behind the exciting new material. Take a look at this new Vacation Bible School and let me know what you think. Focus for VBS 2020 This all-new VBS 2020 from Orange Publishing is called “Focus: … More Children’s Ministry Resources

What to Do Instead of Vacation Bible School?

Alternatives to Vacation Bible School ?

Vacation Bible School is an institution in many churches — but what if it’s not an option for your congregation? This post offers some alternative ideas for reaching kids instead of a a traditional VBS program. Three VBS Alternatives What to do instead of Vacation Bible School? Vacation Bible School is a tradition in many churches but it’s not always … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Why Is Vacation Bible School So Important?

why is vacation bible school important

Vacation Bible School is the perfect way to immerse visitors into your unique church culture and VBS provides a wide opportunity for volunteers to work in children’s ministry. If you’re not excited yet, just take a look at all the awesome 2020 VBS themes that are coming out for next summer. It’s time to shine for Jesus! Who’s ready to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

What Is the Purpose of Vacation Bible School?

What's the purpose of Vacation Bible School

Unless you’ve grown up attending Vacation Bible School regularly, you may not understand the purpose. Why host a VBS? Are they really necessary? Why did we start this tradition to begin with? Well, there’s a lot of history Vacation Bible School but just know that Vacation Bible School’s purpose hasn’t really changed. In the beginning, such bible schools were used … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Big Fish Bay" VBS from Regular Baptist Press

Big Fish Bay VBS 2020 RBP

This fun program for VBS 2020 is from Regular Baptist Press. Big Fish Bay (official website) has a ocean / fishing boat theme and focuses on the Biblical story of Jonah. RBP is a longtime supporter of our website and we love to highlight their excellent resources for children’s ministry. Our website doesn’t sell curriculum, but we review all the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Rocky Railroad VBS – Group Publsihing

rocky railroad vbs group 2020

Let’s take a look at another excellent VBS 2020 Theme . This one is from Group VBS and called Rocky Railroad (official website). It’s a program made for the train loving children who dream of adventure and travel. Keep reading to see more details and find out if this Vacation Bible School curriculum is right for your church. Don’t forget … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Concrete & Cranes VBS 2020 from LifeWay

Concrete and Cranes - LifeWay 2020 VBS Theme

It’s time to check out next summer’s themes for VBS 2020. This post takes a closer look at the new offering from LifeWay VBS (official website). This year they feature a construction theme called “Concrete & Cranes – building on the love of Jesus.” Be sure to leave a comment below or take our survey about the new VBS 2020 … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Cokesbury VBS 2020 "Knights of the North Castle"

Cokesbury VBS 2020 Knights of the North Castle

It’s time to find the right VBS 2020 theme for your church. This post takes a closer look at the Vacation Bible School program from Cokesbury titled, “Knights of the North Castle.” We’re excited to dig into this curriculum, but we would love to hear your ideas too. Leave a comment below or take our survey about your favorite themes … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Abingdon VBS 2019 "Whoosh"

It’s a little late in the VBS planning, but if you still need curriculum for 2019 this is your chance. We just unboxed this year’s Vacation Bible School materials from Cokesbury and Abingdon Press. Don’t miss the official websites for Whoosh VBS and To Mars and Beyond Watch the videos below and leave me a comment sharing your first impressions. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

LifeWay 2019 VBS "In the Wild"

VBS 2019 logo from Lifeway In the Wild

Take an look at the 2019 VBS theme from LifeWay called “In the Wild.” We made this short video unboxing of the Starter Kit and the Jump Start kit featured below. The giveaway on this post has ended and we’ve notified the winner via email. Thanks to everyone who left a comment with the great feedback!. VBS 2019 from LifeWay … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free "Minecraft" VBS Theme & Curriculum

It’s amazing to see the creative ways that churches are telling kids about Jesus. The following Minecraft themed vacation Bible school was sent to us by one such reader. Sarah Schlatter from Newport Mesa Church wanted to share this curriculum and materials with everyone here on our website. Click on the links below to download. Please come back and let us … More Children’s Ministry Resources

5 Exciting VBS Water Games

Water games are always fun when it comes to VBS recreation, so here’s a list of exciting and amusing games ideal for keeping the kids cool each day. Basket-Head Balloon Toss Materials: Two circular laundry baskets, water balloons, timer Instructions: Divide the kids into two teams and pick someone from each team to hold a laundry basket on top of … More Children’s Ministry Resources