What Is the Purpose of Vacation Bible School?

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What's the purpose of Vacation Bible School

Unless you’ve grown up attending Vacation Bible School regularly, you may not understand the purpose. Why host a VBS? Are they really necessary? Why did we start this tradition to begin with? Well, there’s a lot of history Vacation Bible School but just know that Vacation Bible School’s purpose hasn’t really changed. In the beginning, such bible schools were used to introduce children to the gospel of Jesus Christ in an immersive and fun way. Even though the primary focus for Vacation Bible School has not changed, the purpose for it is a little more defined and enhanced in today’s church culture. Let’s talk about that.

What Is the Purpose of Vacation Bible School?

VBS Is For Outreach?

Bringing new children into your children’s ministry is always going to be an important part of growing and strengthening the church. Without young people stepping into your church culture, the ministry will be a little lopsided probably leaning to more mature audiences. But a vibrant, robust church is going to include people of all ages. Therefore, you have to have a vehicle to take you into those crowds of kids to pull out the ones that belong with you. To reach kids you have to have kids’ programs. Relationship building is important of course. But the honest truth is it’s a little difficult nowadays to connect with children in a manner that is safe for you and for kids. So by having public events like Vacation Bible School, you will have the opportunity to reach into those communities and find children that are excited about what your church has to offer.

VBS means Leading Them to Christ

Vacation Bible School is important because a lot of times kids are not raised in homes where church attendance is a big priority. Even people that love God don’t attend church as regularly as they used to. Having a Vacation Bible School a few times a year or once a quarter is an important and crucial way to stay connected with these peripheral families. Keep them coming back to you with regularly scheduled “big” events. Always confirm contact information at the event. “Hey! Have you changed your phone number? I don’t want you to miss the next event!” Update any and all contact methods with parents at the beginning of each event.

VBS is for the Teacher

Lastly, Vacation Bible School isn’t just for the kids and parents that attend but also for the teachers. We all need and desire to teach. Most of us only have church services on Wednesdays or Sundays and some churches only on Sundays. That’s only one to three times a week to connect with kids. That’s just not a lot. How can you satisfy the desire to teach in a one-hour time slot once a week? Having quarterly Vacation Bible School solves that problem and that will give you more of an opportunity to spend time with those kids and those families.

And it will give you a chance to teach and isn’t that what we all want to do?

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